Hi Peeps

Just me coming in to say Hi. Been reading some of your stories and I wish you well. I don't get here often but I do think of all of you guys. Without your support and guidance I don't know where I would be right now, so everyone listen to these guys, what a huge support system! Love and kisses to all from MAT!

We love you too, MAT! Drop by often … we love to hear from people who are doing well after having a time as rough as you’ve had over the last year or two.

That’s the thing about this site: people come when they are struggling. We tell them to hang in there, it’ll get better when you find the right combination of treatment that works. And it usually does get better. Then they disappear, go live their lives, and forget to drop by the PsA Club House. Who’s left here? People who are having a rough time, and a few hard-ass moderators.

Anybody coming here would get the impression that PsA means certain suffering and misery! In fact, by far the majority of PsA sufferers find their new normal and carry on. It’s so nice when those people come back to say hi, or even better, stay and hang out with the rest of us. That gives us a bit of hope and perspective!

Love and hugs to you, MAT. Don’t go disappearing on us, OK?

I’m so grateful for this support system! I don’t feel as lost or alone on this crazy journey. The Enbrel has helped my rash tremendously but totally wipes me out for 1-2 days. Today’s only my third infection but I’m hopeful for more relief! Thank you all for your help! :heart:

It's great to "see" you MAT!!! Thanks for stopping by!