Hi Everyone, Please join Cleveland Clinic vascular surgeon, Lee Kirksey MD, in a free live web chat on August 12th at noon EST to answer your questions about Vascular Disease and Vascular Surgery

Hi Everyone,

Please join Cleveland Clinic vascular surgeon, Lee Kirksey MD, in a free live web chat on August 12th at noon EST to answer your questions about Vascular Disease and Vascular Surgery. For More Information Please See:Cleveland Clinic Health Chat
If you would like to ask a question prior to the chat, go to Cleveland Clinic Health Chat and click on the LOGIN tab. Enter your username (Login ID) and password. Click the blue LOGIN button again to login to your account. Click the title of the chat you want to ask a question for. Click the orange "Join Chat" button. Submit your question by typing it into the rectangular box, directly below the chat window. Click the SUBMIT QUESTION button when finished, or check the "Press Enter to send" button and press the ENTER key on your keyboard.
The following Link will give you additional Information about Vascular Disease, Vascular Surgery, Dr. Lee Kirksey and the Cleveland Clinic.Cleveland Clinic - The Vascular Surgeon
***The link states it's a web chat on the 13th at noon,but this is a recent update. Please sign up and I will post the toll free phone number and access code prior to the Live Chat this Monday, August 12th at noon.
If you have never participated in a Live Chat it's very easy. You call the toll free phone number, then enter the access code and will then be allowed entrance to the Live Chat. ***

This is a Psoriatic Arthritis site not a Vascular site.

Thank you Frances.

I understand not every Web Chat is Specific to every Forum Disorder.

Many times we have loved ones or care takers that the Topics may involve.

That's why we post them on every Forum.

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You are the only Member out of 40,000 that has said a word negatively about the Web Chats or the Cleveland Clinic.

I know not every experience with ever facility & doctor is positive.

It took me 52 Specialists and almost four years to get a correct diagnosis and I was hours away from becoming a quadriplegic when I had an emergency 16 hour Brain and C Spine Surgeries.

I have had many negative experiences from facilities and medical providers.

My main concern is always Ben's Friends Members.

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