I need to take hydrocodone when I have flare ups and I get constipated. Does anyone know of something I can take while taking this medication? Also my legs and bottom are tense along with my neck and shoulders does any one else have this? Also I had to give up my job as a teacher and would like to know if anyone out there has been able to collect disability along with there teacher retirement. I have only worked for 14 years so my teacher retirement is not much.

Yes, try Senna, or Senokot. It's a natural vegetable fiber laxative safe for daily use and you can get it over the counter - cheap. I have a natural tendency to stay constipated plus all the medication makes it worse but since I've started taking this I'm the most regular I've ever been. May have to adjust the dosage for yourself as the recommended dose made my tummy a little upset. I take 1 tablet a day and it works just perfectly.

Yes, I have tons of tension all the time. If you can, take a warm bath with Epson salt. If you can't, find out if you can go somewhere that has a heated pool because being submerged in warm water really, really helps.

Not a teacher so I can't say much there. I know getting any kind of supplemental income from the government is usually a tooth and nail fight but if you can get good documentation from your doctor, and the disease is covered (which to my knowledge, Psoriatic Arthritis is one of the diseases they cover) you should have a good shot.

Thank you Suzanne for all your suggestions.

Oh YES! I have this same issue. The miracle drug is called MIRALAX. My doctor told me it is safe enough to take every single day to keep you regular. It doesn't hurt any of your meds.

Hope this helps, it is a lifesaver for me.

Lainee B.

I agree with Lainee MIRALAX is a life saver.