Hello and welcome to Mimi57

We’re glad that you found us here, @Mimi57, but it’s really not great that you’ve been “gifted” with PsA. You’re in good company here though – that would be us! If you browse our discussions, you’ll see that we’re quite a friendly, chatty bunch and we’d love it if you’d join in on our conversations.

If there are any specific questions that you have, starting your own thread is easy: go to the category that you want to post in, find the “+ New Topic” icon, and tap it. The rest should be self explanatory. You can also go looking for answers using the search (magnifying glass) feature. Responding on an existing thread will notify everybody on that thread that you’ve posted. That can be a great way of getting a thread going again.

Your profile says that you’ll tell us more about your PsA story later. Please don’t forget to do that: it’s always easier to strike up a conversation when you know a little bit about the person. How long have you been having symptoms, and was it difficult for you to get a diagnosis? Most of us have diagnosis stories that are, well, let’s say they’re “interesting”. We’d love to hear yours!

I notice that you’re a nurse. It must be quite challenging to work with what PsA does to you. Many of us have learned that from experience as well!

So say hello, click reply and introduce yourself, and make yourself at home. We hope you’ll be glad that you found us as well.

All the best to you!