Healing issues

As some of you know, last September 2017, I badly skinned my shin. Big nasty cut, which bled profusely. It couldn’t be stitched and I of course ended up with a reaction to adhesives in the bandages. It didn’t heal up for 7 and a half months though. Thanks to sulfasalazine and PsA. And throughout all of that I had to see nurses up to twice a week for bandage changes.

However for the last week or two, I can finally shower without wearing a protective half leg boot. And the new skin is holding up fine, although still needs protecting from other knocks.

Just thought it was worth sharing as yet another thing this disease can do.

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I don’t heal nearly as fast as I used to. At one time I thought this was secondary to my being prediabetic, but now my blood sugar is perfectly normal and I still don’t heal as quickly as I once did. I am finally now getting over drilling that hole in my hand, When I was a youngster, that would have taken half the time to heal. My wife, ever practical, points out that this problem could be avoided by my not drilling holes in myself, which is a fair point.

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I found out about 5 months into this that sulfasalazine was an anti-coagulant! Obviously that didn’t help matters much.

I still heal fast, like I always did. I think when this has come up before some folk reported that this was the case for them and I kind of assumed that was to do with the rapid turnover of skin cells caused by psoriasis possibly even if the skin is currently clear.

However I haven’t had a nasty cut to deal with so maybe I’d be singing a different tune in that case. Very glad to hear you are finally healing Poo. Seven and a half months! Blimey.

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I’m so happy to hear it’s finally over! Now please buy some shin protectors and kneepads elbow pads and a helmet… :joy:


Laughing Cynthia. I already have the shin wrap and sadly I’ll be using that for some more months to come.

I was honestly considering what I would do to prevent a mess like that… and at least the shin protectors definitely! Are they at least a bit comfortable to wear? Hug

It is comfortable. Just a wrap like compression thing, which you wrap around your lower leg aided by velcro. I barely notice it anymore although it’s a good thing I’m not really a dress or skirt wearing person…

Oh good to hear! :blush:

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Hmm… the slow healing thing… I’ve noticed simple things, like blisters, which would have once healed in a few days, now seem to take forever to heal… I got new shoes which gave me a blister on the back of one heel, it took 3 months to be able to wear those shoes again… I have come to the conclusion that it seems to be since starting the leflunomide to the mix (I might be wrong about that though, just my thoughts) I wonder if others have noticed changes in their skin due to either leflunomide or Mtx?

I’m so pleased to hear that your shin is finally healing, @Poo_therapy!!! Great news!! Darned nuisance to take soo long though. Hugs

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If all else fails I recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It saved my hand when I had vasculitis.

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Thanks for the reminder about slow healing!