Have I been misdiagnosed with PsA?

This is not adding up. There is so much conflicting information I am getting from Doctors. Yes I have had Psoriasis for 10 years and just turned 43. I have been extremely active between personal and work life, backpacking, skateboarding and have worked in restaurants for the past 18 years. I was hit by a car crossing the street 5 years ago. Two years ago knees would sweat through the night but would work fine the next day. Lots of clicking in the knees for a long time. A year and a half ago extreme stress when my brother passed away. Told I had tendonitis in my knees by PCP. One x-ray NSAID treatment rest ice compression elevation. Became worse could barely walk up my stairs. Could not work for more than three to four hours. Told I have PsA treat with Sulfazine slowly built up over 4-5 months. Now start Remacaid infusions.

I can walk a five mile round trip with little pain. It gets a bit difficult up hill but I am up about twenty pounds, working on that. I tried to work in a much smaller restaurant thinking if I covered less ground than my current I would be fine. There was no stress at this restaurant my very good friend would train me and very simple nothing to lose. I found that after 3 hours knees ankles feet were stressing. After 6 at the end. I could barely walk up the stairs home. Just needed to see if I could do it. My body was sore for a week. Realized the repetitive motions may have played the greater role in this thing. We will see if the Remecaid works. Then to the Ortho if it does not.

This is seems like a long process over a year total. I am a very fortunate person just to be writing and venting. I very easily could have had different outcome being hurled over that car 5 years ago. I am just a bit confused with the process and amount of time it is taking. This is my first time dealing with a long term medication and everything going along with it.

Best wishes to everyone out there. There are so many things to be thankful for.

Tim G

Hi Tim,

I don't have enough time on the PsA clock to comment on whether you've been misdiagnosed but MAN have you been through the wringer. SO sorry to hear all your woes and how hard it is for you to stand for long periods. Whether or not you've been misdiagnosed it sounds like a return to the rheumatologist is in order and quick. Maybe what you're taking isn't right for you.

I hope you get the answers you're looking for. There is a LOT to wrap your head around, isn't there? There are some wonderful PsA Warriors on this site. Read their posts for all the information you can. I hope you rested and out of pain very soon. Best to you. ~ Jane

I am not an expert either but I have to say that the road to finding a comfortable place with medications and learning my new limitations is a long process. I am still not there either. I think there is a lot of mental adjustment that goes in to wrapping your mind around the acceptance of a life with chronic illness.
Best of wishes to you and finding your comfort.