Happy Birthday to Us! Share YOUR memories

A recent post in News (which first appeared in Blog) celebrated the tenth anniversary of this community with thoughts and memories from our Mods.

What memories or reflections of your time here can you share? Short stories (or even long ones!), anecdotes, recollections … it’s your turn!

C’mon, spill … tell some tales outta school.

Love from your Mods and ModSupport

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I can remember joining in this group around 5 years ago, and the relief of finding people in similar conditions with concrete advice, sympathy and empathy created a haven for my doubts, fears, and questions which probably saved my life. Comprehension of this disease, and shared insights on effects of therapies, medications, and advice were partly responsible for my current semi full functioning condition. I developed the strength to question therapies, start innovative approaches,develop habits which got me off a wheel chair and back to work, and keep me on my toes for effects and side effects.
I am grateful to everyone in the group, thank you


Wow Letizia, that is beautifully written. So glad that you get so much out of it (as do I) :blush:

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Oh my, Letitia! What a story. :heart_eyes:

We read peoples’ posts and profiles, but we often have no idea what they are really going through or how much of a difference, as a group, we’ve made.

Thank you so much for sharing that. This member, for one, has had a smiling start to her Monday because of it!

Be well and stay safe!