Hand Surgery

For the last year plus, I have been dealing with pain primarily at the base of the thumb, both hands. But the right hand has been worse all along. So today I went to the hand surgeon, again, and we agree it's time to do surgery. I've been wearing a brace, including a custom splint, for over a year. I've tried cortisone shots. I've done hand therapy. The problem? The joint is completely unstable, but not significant joint space narrowing. The cause? You got it. . . psoriatic arthritis. Apparently, it also damages ligaments. So the goal of the surgery is to transfer a tendon from my forearm and use it to tighten up the joint. This will make the joint move better and be more stable, and should take away the pain.

When I asked him more, he said that this is also why I'm getting some rotation at the DIP joints, they're becoming unstable due to damage. Wonder if that's the problem behind my hips as well. I guess the disease will attack different people differently, and instability of the joints seems to be somewhat common for me. Yay me!!

The good news is I can time the surgery perfectly, the week before school starts, when my husband will be home.

Has anyone else had this experience, with instability? Any luck with treatment?

Oh stoney thats news (I don't know if its great or terrible so we will just call it news) You have been suffering for a very long time (I HOPE (and pray) this is a solution.

Hypermobility is pretty common for the more serious "types" of this disease.

More importantly you guys are an active family. Hope your husband is up to the challenge. Protect your other hand from over use (I've had only one hand surgery - it was interesting) remember getting up and down is a problem and don't wait until the last minute to use the toilet everything takes longer.......

Maybe you can one of those hats that holds a couple of beer cans. (water bottles) so you don't have to lift the bttle to drink. I know with your background you will be sure and remind them how you want to be on the table etc etc and to stay ahead of the pain - right????

If its the surgery I'm thinking of, you'll be wondering why you waited. My sis had it although they used cadaver parts for her. Personally I'd like to be there just to see how well you mind the nurses.......

Glad to hear you've made some progress to go forward. I'm sure the surgery will help.

I'm having so much trouble with my hands. I'd like to go for therapy for them but haven't seen the doc since my hands got worse.

Best of luck !

Thanks Lamb. I'm kindof dreading the first week or two, especially since my husband announced that he will be bringing home a lot of rotisserie chicken for the family. That leaves me with nothing to eat, since I'm a vegetarian. Honestly, I'm in a good spot. My husband is really fantastic, and my kids are 11 and almost 7, so old enough to be useful. I'll be counting on my daughter to do my hair. The toilet. . . I think dresses will be my best friend. See, you didn't get that choice.

I'm also in a really great spot because I live in a fantastic neighborhood, and am also very active in my Temple. Realistically, I think as long as I can ask for help, I will get it. Last time I had major surgery I was 25 years old and single, and recovering from back surgery. I clearly didn't have a good support system then.

I also have a brace for my left hand already, and will likely wear it most of the time after my surgery. That hand is giving me trouble, just not as much. So I'm planning on good support for that hand as well, and if this surgery goes well, I probably won't hold off as long.

It's funny, I don't think of myself as having a serious level of this disease, but I'm starting to realize it may be more serious than I want to think of it. Not that it really will change much, I just don't really think of it that way. When I told my husband about the surgery, which I pretty much knew was going to be scheduled, he started to realize that this may well be the first of many. I'll just take it as it comes. I'm a real expert at therapy already.

I think my little one was most upset when I told him I won't be able to play basketball for a while, or at least not with any grace. I promised to keep him company at the neighborhood hoop though, and it seemed to make him happy.

As you said, it's definitely news.