Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Hair Analysis

I’ve just paid £50 to have my root hair analysed and wanted to share the results with you and to provoke a discussion. I have to say I was surprised at the results in many ways - I was expecting the usual suspects of being told that I should avoid gluten and dairy and have my amalgam fillings taken out - you know what I’m saying ha ha!! But it surprised me just how in depth the analysis was! But she lost me at the paragraph that talks about colours and not wearing tomato red next to my skin, ha ha!! I studied Colour Therapy and am also an artist, so have a fairly good idea of the colour spectrum, and quite frankly what she says makes little sense.

Then we get to the crunch part! Her “prescription” of various supplements she says I have to order through this company and tell them it was her who recommended them. I’m looking st this company they’re just very overpriced suppliers of vitamin supplements. All of which you can get from health shops at a fraction of the cost, or best of all from a healthy diet. She obviously gets commission from them.

Here’s her analysis (very convincing until you break it down!)

“Hello Kathleen,
I have the results of your hair analysis.
You were Structually misaligned. This manifests in problems with possible breathlessness, anxiety, palpitations, painful hips and knees, because it inhibits cellular oxygen transfer. I have corrected this.

You had Emotional problems which switches your brains ability to promote health.
Working with the colour spectrum you were showing to be weak when the colour blue was over your eyes, this colour is at one end of the spectrum. I have corrected you to your correct colour, Red. Which is at the other end of the colour spectrum.
This will enable your body to know and utilise what you eat to make energy.
This means that tomato red is a colour that you should not wear next to your skin.

You had an weakness in your Small Intestine.
The Small Intestine is where your food is absorbed , detoxification begins and 70% of your immune receptors are.
This highlighted your need for Vitamin E, D and K.
This is an oil, keep it in the fridge and take 5 drops each morning 10 minutes before food and drink for 2 weeks.
Then reduce the dose to 2 drops each morning for a further 6 weeks then discontinue.

You also need Selenium Phosphate.
Take one capsule opened into water three times a day before meals for 2 weeks.
Then reduce the dose for a further 2 weeks taking 1 in the morning and one in the evening.
Then reduce the dose to one capsule before evening meal for a further 2 weeks then discontinue.
This aids optimum detoxification in the liver and improves intracellular energy, by improving Thyroid function.

You also need a strong probiotic. This will provide a healthy gut flora which also promotes DNA replication.
You need to take B. Longum, 10 capsules at bedtime for 1 Night then discontinue. Keep in the fridge.

You also have a genetic fault, this is an inherited fault.
Causing an inability to optimally break down and absorb Folic acid.
You need to take H4 Biopterin 4 capsules opened into water at bedtime. Wash the liquid around your mouth and swallow. You need to continue to take this.

You can order these supplements from Epigenetics on 01380800105 they will ask the name of your Health Provider I trade as Essential Health. You need to order :

30ml of Vitamins EDK oil
1 pot of Selenium Phosphate
1 pot of B. Longum
2 pots of H4 Folate this needs to be ordered ongoing.”

My initial scepticism/gut feeling I think was right. Back to restarting my Paleo/Primal Diet!!

Any thoughts?


Words very nearly fail me!

I would like to add though, don’t wear pink either 'cos the genetic fault on wotsit x98 is homyloplopydus unless of course you drink some special water, blessed by my cat, 10 times daily. For this I will charge you a few thousand quid, but believe me, it’ll be worth every penny!

My thoughts are that your instincts are spot on.


Eeeehhh Sybil, you just made me laugh out loud!! Ha ha ha!!

I must remember to only drink well water by the light of the new moon whilst balancing on one leg and holding a newts tail…:joy:


It certainly feels a bit scammish, that you need to order supplements from a specific company after giving her name. That type of recommendation always makes me think scam.

I’m curious what brought you to her. What information were you looking for?

I did see a holistic nutritionist for a bit, but she didn’t recommend anything that she was selling. Yes, she had some favorite brands, but she wasn’t profiting from recommending them.


Hi Stoney, after the awful allergic reaction to humira and my problems with Methotrexate I wanted to get some alternative aspect on how to help my health. A friend recommended this ‘therapist’ and had great faith in her. Said she was a ‘life saver ‘ so although I was sceptical I decided to give it a go. Learned my lesson :pensive:

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Got it! Yeah, I’ve been through a few dead ends too.


How did she correct these things when you got this through email?

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Your guess is as good as mine! Magic?!!





So much of this sounds familiar to me. I was so desperate after 4 years of pain, and two rheumys who didn’t have the time to listen. I started going to an integrative practitioner, did the 22 vials of bloodwork (almost $10k as insurance wouldn’t touch it.) and was floored at all the diseases I was suddenly diagnosed with…Lyme, Epstein Barr…it was a long and scary list. She prescribed enormous amounts of medications, some that required a compound pharmacy, HRT, low dose naltrexone, and at least 5 antibiotics beginning with doxycycline. Oh and lots of supplements purchased through her for their purity standards. Cha-ching! $$$$$ Had I taken all those antibiotics I would likely have ended up in the hospital with a severe bout with my Crohns disease. (Which she didn’t even acknowledge in her work up.) When I was told I needed to pay $275 at least once a week for “Myers cocktails” I never returned. I keep an open mind regarding complementary therapies. The tragedy for myself was that I thought I’d finally found someone who might put the puzzle pieces together. (I wasnt dxd with PsA until 2016.) And all of her diagnoses were wrong. With any health care provider, science based or alternative I have to go wifh my gut. I find it sad that there are so many of us still desperate for answers, and we aren’t getting them from mainstream medicine.


Oh good grief @Kris1010 what a charlatan she sounds!! I’ve got a great medical team and a fab consultant here, he does his very best for me. It’s my body that’s the traitor! I was diagnosed very quickly and started on medication. Unfortunately my body hates all drugs and reacts, possibly because I’m normally very healthy and reached 66 years old without being on any medication whatsoever- until this hit me. I think my system has just gone into shock! I had the haircanalysis done because I was looking for any way to support myself to complement the medication and help my body cope. I’m a qualified Holistic Therapist myself and know how they can help - complement rather than be an alternative, although I’d love to be drug free again one day. X


Kris, what a story! It’s the money part that hits me first … then the exploitation factor. And then as well there’s the all too familiar story of a PsA diagnosis taking ages while people are suffering.

I’m sure some complementary approaches can help us feel better. With PsA though, there is always this rider that nothing other than meds, particularly biologics, have been shown to slow down progression. And yet there’s an understandable desire to seek and find something special, something entirely ‘natural’, that will help considerably.

A while back I heard a discussion on the radio about how many branches of mainstream medicine, including cancer specialists, now see exercise. The doctors in the discussion said something like ‘if exercise were a new discovery, something we could package, patients would be queuing up to get it’. But as it is, exercise seems all too prosaic. Sometimes the best approaches are the simplest and most obvious and therefore lack the ‘wow’ factor.

I’m all for sensible things that help and I don’t care if they’ve got an exotic name - as long as they’re safe - or if they’re downright boring-sounding, such as ‘walking round the block’. But your post has made me realise that we are 100% justified in being very careful about advocating complementary approaches on this site. People out there are being fleeced, ripped-off, fooled … and not because patients are fools but because we get desperate.

@Katie909, I hear you! You certainly got lucky with your consultant! And your background must mean that you’re well placed to decide on the best complementary methods. However I hope your recent experience with Humira turns out to be the exception, not the rule, and I think there’s a good chance that will be the case. I avoided drugs unless absolutely necessary prior to the PsA dx too. I’ve always been sensitive to drugs … or so I thought. For example, one nurofen tablet puts me in a state of bliss for 24 hours - quite nice actually, but I’ve avoided them because I didn’t want to become a NSAID addict - if such a thing exists! Other drugs seemed to knock me off my perch PDQ too, but less pleasantly. Yet since taking PsA meds I’ve had so few problems I now think I could probably have kept up with the Rolling Stones back in the day. Too late now, probably, though I hear they’ve embraced the ‘walk round the block’ approach too.


Ah @Sybil I just love your posts! So grounded in reality and common sense! After reading so many stories on here and other forums it really strikes me just HOW lucky I’ve been with my Consultant - he’s very young and dedicated, already been promoted to Head of Rheumatology in one of the best hospitals probably in the world, and advises Arthritis Research UK, and writes their information booklets. Wow! And he’s mine, ha ha!!

I was referred by my GP within a couple of weeks of first getting really bad symptoms that couldn’t be ignored (I rarely visit the GP so he knew I was really bad!). Within four weeks I got to the Rheumatology Department for tests, X-rays and scans. One week later I was assigned to my Consultant as initial tests flagged up possible PsA, and he specialises in PsA and Ankylosing Spondylitis as well as all rheumatological diseases. How lucky am I …!!!

Early diagnosis and immediate aggressive treatment started. So essential with this disease to ‘nip it in the bud’. So far I think I’ve avoided too much in the way of permanent damage, all bodes well for the future as long as the next biologic works for me! Even getting me onto a biologic within such a short space of time (in UK terms) makes me thankful. I’m hopeful that you’re right and the allergic reaction to humira was a one off. I’m armed with antihistamines just in case!!

You’re right too about being cautious of advocating complementary therapies! Despite being a therapist myself I see all too well the downfalls of many of them. The word ‘complementary’ is key! Not ‘alternative’! And not too expensive either. A relaxing aromatherapy massage, facial, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, crystal therapy, and other harmless yet effective therapies all help to make us feel more at peace with ourselves - and calm mindfulness and inner peace go a long way towards improving our overall health, as well as good nutrition. ANYTHING that helps us feel better is worth doing, working alongside the proper medications.

A good therapist might suggest certain supplements, but not try to sell them, and always advise that medical advice be taken regarding contraindications to other drugs.

We, in desperation, can often be mislead with dangerous consequences. X


Very well said! And though no one would wish this disease for you, you are very blessed to have gotten a quick diagnosis and treatment plan. As for complimentary vs. alternative, yes, I totally agree. I live across the street from a fabulous massage therapist. She has helped me so much in the past, but now even massage is painful. Reiki feels great though. Unfortunately I am now so covered in psoriasis that I can’t bear anyone seeing me undressed. It’s just too humiliating. :frowning:

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Ahhh Sybil, what I wouldn’t give for a walk round the block! Until this pain hit me hard in 2008, I walked 5 miles a day, and it was my meditation time with my beloved golden retriever. Now I can barely walk to the bathroom. If I’m on my feet for longer than 10 minutes straight, I pay for it for days afterward in bed. So many do not understand how insidious this disease can be. Even my husband of 13 years was floored with the sudden onset of my foot flare last week. Though I warned him it was coming, and he’s been through it with me many times with PsA and Crohns. I don’t doubt that we all would like to find other ways besides meds to control this disease. But I have also learned that jumping on the integrative practitioner bandwagon is not the answer. (For me anyway.)


I work at a grocery store in the states. This store has a HUGE supplement section with over 8,000 different items. I do believe that some of these supplements can help a variety of different maladies. I am a retired nurse though so I am not extreme in what I believe in. Our diets are all so horrible, the nutritious parts stripped away in processing. Unless they did DNA testing onthe roots of your hair, I would not put much stock in what they say about you. However, they can do amazing things with hair… Can tell what part of the world you grew up in. What kind of drugs you have been taking. If you were poisoned. Something I hope does not apply to you!


I agree that supplements have great benefits and I already take some that help, my concern was that this lady asked me to buy from a company that pays her commission at hugely inflated prices. It’s a con. She said she tested the hair root, therefore my DNA, but her analysis didn’t make sense and she said she had ‘corrected’ a couple of issues she had discovered. How could she ‘correct’ anything without having met me? I believe in distant healing to some degree but she wasn’t claiming that.



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The best non-traditional advice I’ve received… Get a dog. The dog needs to be walked several times a day. So, in pain or depressed, or both, I am forced to get up. And it has worked wonders. I’ve lost 80 pounds, which certainly helps. And I always feel better at least in my head, for having gotten out. And my dog loves me, which makes me happy!


So agree on every count.