Great week away with my husband <3

The past week has been wonderful. My husband and I went away on a week long vacation. Several months back we bought hiking gear as we always dreamed of hiking and exploring our beautiful coast. With our kids grown and my declining health we decided we better get on it as we never know what the future may hold.

We relaxed at a resort for the first few days, enjoying some short hikes and touring around the small beach side community.

We planned a hike up to Circlet Lake and then planned on going to Summit Mt.Albert Edward in Strathcona Provincial Park. The whole time we planned in the back of my mind I kept thinking about my Rheumy and my last visit. I told her about our plans to start hiking/backpacking and she looked at me and then my husband and said yes you can hike but remember you have to hike back out so be careful.

We made the trek to the lake a four hour 10k hike and spent the night. The next day the weather was changing and we decided to drop the hike to the summit of Mt.Albert Edward (6k 6 hour hike there and back) as I didn't want to push it. I had a restless achy sleep however I toughed it through. I feared waking up and not being able to walk the day before we left I started taking Celebrex, packed some along and remained on it until we got back down the mountain,

We had an amazing time, took a ton of pictures and created some incredible memories this past week.

I went back to work today! I sure have missed my crew! I'm working the next 5 mornings and then seeing my doctor on Friday to see how I do. I'm nervous but also happy to be back. I'm not sure if this is just a good stretch or the MTX is finally working! Regardless I am enjoying being active again, still some fatigue and minor aches however I'm pushing through it and feel better for doing it!

Good for you TaraLynn! Your trip sounds wonderful. I am so glad. Don't forget hot epsom salt baths, heating pad anything that helps whole your mtx continues working.

Wonderful, wonderful and more wonderful.

I love your tenacity and drive. I also admire how you enjoyed yourself and stayed mindful of how your body was doing throughout. This is a great example of how to live well w/PsA. Yeay!

Thanks Katie Lady. I'm not always so positive however I'm doing really good at this moment and I've always been a super active, hyper, busy body so it really feels great to be able to move again! I guess having PSA has really taught me to live in the moment and to be grateful for the good days :-)

Thanks Michael! It really was amazing and both my husband and I are looking forward to many more memorable moments! I have Epsom salts, beanie bags and a few different amazing rubs that I use continuously. We also installed a hot tub which is wonderful however if I flare it's impossible to get into. I've had PSA for numerous years now however I believe I was in some sort of remission because I only flared a few times a year until recently when I started flaring (unable to cope and physically unable to move) a few times a month. Things are certainly better then they were so I will enjoy the good days :-)

What a beautiful, positive, happy time you've had! Wonderful, TaraLynn!

Thank you Seenie :-) We are looking forward to more positive,happy,beautiful times! Life isn't's just a different and I've always been told I need to slow it that's what I'm doing...not by choice but I'm letting my stuborn side go too :-) Living in the moment <3

I bought a lap top too so no longer have to type on my I phone! This site looks so much bigger and a lot easier to access now!

A new toy!! I love new toys. :slight_smile:

How beautiful! Glad to hear it went so smoothly.

Thanks Stoney! I'm sure happy it went smoothly too! It was an adventure for sure and I hope to be able to get many more hikes in. The scenery was amazing!