Walked forever at our new Costco after work yesterday, just kinda exploring, you know? And wowie, do I wish I'd maybe not explored quite so much. My feet are excruciating this morning. I knew I'd sorta overdone it when I got in the car last night and my knees were really hot to the touch. But my TOES. I wonder -- will need to research, I guess -- if toes are definitely considered part of this. I've had toe pain for years, but never associated it with anything.


Toes can definitely be part of the disease process. If they're hot, it means that they are inflamed.

Thank you, Stoney -- I think I do have inflammation going on, although no really noticeable swelling, in toes and knees. My toes hurt all the time, but my knees don't really hurt; they're just hot, esp. after lots of walking.