Gluten-free diet

Hey there - Has anyone has any luck with a gluten free diet and helping control your symptoms? I am giving it a try as my symptoms are at their worst and desperate to get my life back. I am starting remicade infusions again today and hoping they give me some relief. I have been one of those people where not many things have worked and currently the most difficult patient my rheumatologist has. Try his disease is brutal! I am 43 and was diagnosed many years ago and just pray to be able to walk without being in so much discomfort and struggling so bad just to get out of bed in the morning. Prayers to all of you that are suffering as well :heart:


hello started a gluten free keto style diet whem in great pain two or three years ago, am at the moment carnivore, found helpful both this diet and fasting when in pain, am also on mtxt and cosentyx All the best

I started the AIP (autoimmune protocol) three years ago and have had lots of success. I am currently working with a Functional Medicine doctor and highly recommend this.

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Giving up all sugars (including Splenda, etc.) with the exception of monk fruit and natural raw honey has helped me more than anything. It took about two weeks for me to feel a difference. I have a sweet tooth and there are a lot of alternatives out there to keep one satisfied. Try it!!!

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@KateR what alternatives do you suggest for a sweet tooth?