For those of you with the winter blahs

For me, seasonal affective disorder is compounded by PsA, making the winter blahs a two-fold misery brought on by the usual short, cold days with limited sun magnified by a side order of PsA-induced brain fog and mental fatigue.

As a coping strategy, I was moaning along with friends from PsA the other day in a private message and I got a momentary whiff of inspiration to write a little poem. A pick-you-up of sorts. I think I wrote it for myself.

May your winter be short and your pain levels low.

And may your days all be good ones even if you move slow.

May your bed be comfy and your blankets keep you toasty.

And may you give yourself a pass without feeling guilty.

May you spend time with friends who love and sustain you.

And may you freely change your plans if you feel that you have to.

May you take comfort in knowing you don't suffer alone.

And may you make it to spring without coming undone.

Bring on spring! Amirite?

Love it, Jane, thanks for sharing.

Took a wander into the garden yesterday and there are some snowdrops in flower and the first of the crocus are tentatively unfurling their petals. And the birds are chirping away ...... the blackbirds started up about 4:30 this morning even though it was still pitch dark. Yes, spring is definitely on its way!

Hope your spirits lift soon.

Very nice poem! In MN the winter is long and we all welcome spring. Last year, or maybe the year before, it snowed through April...that's when it gets really old!!!!

One thing about these past few winters.... I don't feel so much like a tough Minnesotan anymore. I used to wish my fellow MNs would quit their griping and move to a warm state! Because I'd say half of MNs hate the winters here and they complain incessantly until summer comes. But, I'm turning into a wimp, myself! Today I put a coat on just to carry out the garbage. I used to do short jaunts outside in the winter on the snow with bare feet and no coat! I mean, running down the driveway to check the mailbox, etc. Now, I need a coat, boots, mittens--the whole nine yards! But, I'll never leave MN, so I best quit complaining......