Monday -- brrr

This arctic cold makes PSA angry, doesn't it? At least I guess it does. I'm now thinking that the first big cold we had -- pre-Thanksgiving -- is what set off this flare. This second, bigger cold snap is icing on the proverbial cake.

Although my hands don't tend to be my biggest offender, when they do hurt they are the worst part, I think. I can deal with painful toes, and knees that you could use as tinder to start a fire, but when my hands hurt it's like all bets are off. Weird, but I just can't stand it.

However, this past weekend was only half lost to PSA. Saturday was awful -- I barely got out of bed. It wasn't really pain, it was tiredness. What is UP with that, I felt like I'd been hit by a train.

But Sunday was much better, and very productive around the house. I am tired again today, but not, I don't think, quite as much as Saturday. Which is good, since work awaits.

Am thinking about completing paperwork for FMLA. I have not needed to use it so far, but I anticipate that there could be a day here and there where going to work might be problematic. Right now the only time I can foresee wanting to stay home would be a bad hand day. I spend 8 hrs a day at work on the computer, as a QA analyst. When my hands hurt -- which again, isn't usual so far -- typing is really, really painful.

But mostly I am thinking about FMLA for tired days. And that's surprising to me -- I knew I had bad days back when I was first dxed with fibromyalgia, way back in the day (c. 2001). But the only time I've ever done FMLA was when my father was diagnosed with cancer and I was going back and forth to the cancer center (down the hall, fortunately) to accompany him to chemo and radiation treatments. I never actually used an FMLA day for it, ultimately, but I wanted it in my back pocket if I needed it.

It's weird to think I may/will need FMLA for myself. I'm a suck-it-up-and-go-anyway person by nature. But my current job isn't supervisory -- just me. Which then makes me think, Huh, if I'm not there then it doesn't get done and will simply pile up, as it did Thanksgiving week -- I was out three days and spent all last week catching up.

Well. No option is perfect, except this thing going away on its own. Maybe once the weather calms down, the PSA will calm down, too.

Y'all have a good day, and if it's cold where you are, stay warm!