Foot pain

Does anyone have foot pain. My feet hurt on the bottom and even after 8 hours of sleep, as soon as I start to walk I have pain, not to mention my lower back pain that is worse 1st thing in the morning. I will see my rheumatologist for my first appt this week. Nervous.

Oh yes, Ollie. Mine we so very painful. I'd get out of bed in the morning and gasp from the pain when I first got up. Doctor recommended orthotics, but they didn't help. Finally I couldn't stand it any more and that is when an x-ray showed erosions. The rheumatologist started me on methotrexate and sent me to a dermatologist. She diagnosed psoriasis. For me, the psoriasis came last.

I got my diagnosis a year ago, but looking back on my various medical issues over the years, I have had this disease for at least 15 years, maybe more.

Methotrexate hasn't done much for me. I will probably move to a biologic next month. The pain in my feet has morphed to numbness and stiffness, now extending into my ankles and legs.

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Hi Ollie,

Good luck with the Rhuemy Appt. I hope it goes well. I have been diagnosed for about 7-1/2 years, but his year foot pain has been my constant companion.

To keep a long story short, I ended up at a podiatrist who gave me orthotics and reccommended accupuncture. Well I was skeptical, but I just wanted some relief by that time! So I went through with having tiny little needles stuck in my foot... And lo and behold it worked! My 1st Metarsal joint (the thumb joint of your foot) was completely frozen, and I can now move and bend it as it should be!

I belive that podiatrists have thier role in helping with foot pain, but see what the rhuemy says first.

Again, good luck


Ollie, my foot pain came on fast and sudden. It began with the left, I fractured the right favoring it, and when both healed, I got foot pain in the right and then the left. Plantar fasciitis was diagnosed by 3 foot dr.'s, 2 chiropractors, 3 physical therapists, and a masseuse. But no one could make it go away. I stopped working, walking my dog, exercising at all. Like someone said, pain is my constant companion. I've done shots, special taping,orthotics, you name it. I am on mthx and mobic and hope this pain goes when I start on a biologic next month. Frozen water bottles help when you roll them under the feet, and massage helps. I hadn't gotten to acupuncture yet, but if the new med doesn't help, that's my next step. Good luck.

Yeah foot pain all the time it sucks worst is when i get up out of bed in the morning and feet hit the ground!! hope it eases soon xxxxxxxxxxx

I have foot pain because of a large swelling on the outside of my left foot…Doc said “Well! I’ve never seen that before” they think its connected to the patch of psoriasis there, but even though its better with meds (MTX and Meloxicam) its still painful especially after a 12hr work shift and then my toes don’t like to be out done so they join in ( 2nd toes on both feet). But I get home feet up and until I go to bed, they impove on my days off if I’m careful…I don’t think I would know what to do if my foot pain disappeared I’m so used to it! Doc says I have a high pain threshold of which I’m eternally grateful :slight_smile:

I can really relate to your message. I have chronic lower back stiffness and discomfort and pain on the tops of both my feet where my ankle and foot meet (hence I'm "Bigfoot"). It sometimes takes up to 40 minutes to get out of bed ... once I get enough "nerve" (no pun intended) I can usually waddle into the steamy shower which helps a little until I waddle downstairs to take my meds (Pred, Plaquenil). About 2 hours later at work everything starts to work if I'm lucky and It's not raining.

Rest is very important but it isn't always easy to figure out what's going on because you might think your getting rest but your not and then fatigue is proportional to inflammation which causes pain. So if you aren't getting *good restful* sleep, your body won't recover (due to excess amounts of cytokins). In other words- you may think you are sleeping but your feet "are not". Your feet won't have time to reset then it cycles over and over... crazy stuff.

Couple of thoughts/things that I did that helped me:

1. Try putting your feet up at night after dinner... I actually stay off my feet after dinner no matter how I feel and Tylenol at bedtime helps too- it can reduce inflammation as well as block pain. Tylenol also doesn't cause ulcers like NSAIDS and block arachodonic acid unlike NSAIDS. You just need to monitor your liver if you want to do this chronically so please ask your doctor.

2. Buy new shoes... believe it or not it really helps! Maybe a good running sneaker will help your feet. Some can be very expensive but I found a Nike running sneaker that helps a lot that is more supportive on the bottom. I work in a professional envionment & it is "white" but I've learned that looks really aren't as important as being able to walk. Also, this might help prevent injuries to the rest of my foot and again reduces inflammation.

3. Laugh more... seriously!! My Rheumy jokes to patients to try to make them feel better- He says "try not to be nervous- this makes the condition worse" (which is really sort of true because your adrenal glands have a great influence on your immune system and autoimmune conditions). It really does help to have the right attitude otherwise you'll just make yourself worse worrying! My doctor also prescribes vacations or breaks at regular intervals to warm locations to keep stress down in his patients. Easy for him to say- he only works 2 days a week!

Good luck!! Hope you find a way to manage and we are here for you.


So, BigFoot, what condition is causing pain on the tops of your feet? And what's the deal with rheumys who work part time? Mine is always canceling days and such. Maybe his patients stress him out.

I have Psoriatic Arthritis. My Rheumy never cancels- maybe see another?? My doc is actually semi-retired at 65+ years of age with over 30 years experience (I jest about the 2 days a week). He just really likes what he's doing and he never stops trying new things with his patients even when he isn't feeling so hot. When you have his attention, he never chases you out or switched to see another doctor unless you want too.

I heard some really bad stories in the pharmacy where offices have multiple doctors, cancel or delay appointments with no explanation. You can get shuffled around, never see the same doctor or have insurance "issues" with no help from their office people. This is not good in my opinion- if eeping appointments than I'm a little concerned what quality of healthcare is provided there. You need to see the same doctor, he /she needs to keep you're appointment and if there are any insurance restrictions, the office should send you everything in advance before you come the first time (you still might need to get a referral or something)

Also, although I tend to rec'd older doctors because of experience, there is no doctor or office so super duper qualified or rating or review so great that people need to put up with cancellations or unnecessary stress. A licensed Rheumy is a licensed Rheumy. Pick one you get along with because you may be going to him/her for the rest of you life. Ok I'm getting off my soapbox.. sorry.. good luck ;-)