Feet burning on Enbrel

About two weeks after starting Enbrel (now about week 10)started having problems with my feet - soles burning like I imagine acid burns - very painful and stinging, and then they go deep red on the soles. Desire to plunge feet in to snow or iced water. Lasts for a couple of hours and happening every 3 or 4 days. Never had anything like that before, no Raynauds or the like. Worried that it is starting in hands now - getting pricking burning sensation on both palms which was how the feet started.

I just wondered if anyone had any similar experience with etanercept (Enbrel)? Spoke with nurse who just said that people get "tired feet" - so I don't think I really got the pain and intensity over to her. A couple of months till I see the rheumatologist and will mention it then.

Sounds like neuropathy-excruciating pain! I wasn't on Enbrel when I had that, but ask your doctor about Nortriptyline. I took it (10mg daily) and my horrible neuropathy went away. I'd have to say that was the worst pain I ever had. At the time I thought it would feel better to chop my feet off with an axe! I also had crushing pain in my hands, Idk if that's how yours feel, but that's gone, too. However the damage is there because my feet and hands are always a little sore, but nothing like the neuropathy. Good luck, and I hope it's not the Enbrel causing that!

Who supplies your Enbrel - Healthcare at Home/Alcura etc? Contact their helpline, I've always found them very good. And don't be concerned about ringing back to your specialist rheumy nurse at your hospital .... if you're worried it's their job to get you in urgently, especially in the first six months when bio problems are most likely to occur.

I would blame it on PsA or peripheral neuropathy from another cause before I would blame Enbrel for your symptoms. It seems that often, we have a new symptom that presents coincidentally when we start a new mediation. It’s sort of frustrating, isn’t it?

See your rheumatologist and maybe you will get an rx for cymbalta, gabapentin, or Lyrica. Any of those would really help. Also, the nortiptyline mentioned above would be great as well.

I hope you feel better soon!

Hi Sybil, no impact of walking, stretching etc. Pain remains undiminished by these activities.
I'll try the rheumatology team again, thanks for the suggestions folks.

Query could it be Plantar fasciitis? Tendonitis in hands? I went through a time of feeling like I was walking on broken glass and had shooting pains down my legs as well. Went on Amytriptyline (small dose has been found to help with nerve pain) and they found I was very low in both Vitamin B & D which was making nerve pain worse. I have B12 shots now and maintenance dose of Vit D (Colecalciferol)1.25 mg every fortnight. About the same time I was waking in the night with one or two of my fingers curled up (trigger finger) from the tendons contracting. Different fingers at different times. I would wake the next day with Dactylis in those same fingers.

Has anyone had this?

I do wake up with curled fingers or if I am lying on my hand it is straight. It takes a long time sometimes to get them unstuck. I also get trigger fingers at times and when they lock I have to get them injected to get them unstuck. Man oh man does that hurt. I had two done last time. I thought it would save some time and some pain. Won't do that again. Couldn't do anything for 48 hours as my hands were curled up like little dead things and hurt like hell. Couldn't eat, comb my hair nor wipe after peeing! What a drag.