Burning right big toe. PsA?

Hi, Everyone. I have a relatively new symptom and I’m wondering if it’s related to PsA. The upper right corner of my right big toe is burning. This is an off and on kind of experience. It hasn’t woken me yet, I don’t think, but it is intense enough that it could. What are your thoughts, and what should I do? Thanks for your help.

Whenever anyone uses the word burning, especially at the end of the line, I immediately think neuropathy. Yes, you can have neuropathy related to PsA. If there’s no visible swelling, redness, etc, then that’s what I would think it would be. There’s really great treatment to handle it. I’ve been taking gabapentin for 5 or 6 years now, since my feet started burning.


I lie in bed pondering the burning sensation in my feet. I could draw it … imagine an electric element starting at the heel then dividing into 5 as it runs through the foot and into each toe … the burning is most intense on the heel and at the tip of each toe, mainly left foot.

The best I can say is that I’ve had it for years and it has never worsened. Definitely more aware of it when I relax in bed at night but it doesn’t keep me awake.


Hi @Laura108. Sounds flike neuropathy to me, too. I had it really bad in both feet before I started Enbrel. My doctor prescribed Nortriptyline, which stopped the neuropathy. That was over four years ago before I started taking Enbrel. Lately I’ve been having some of that burning again, but not as severe as it used to be. I also get some hard pains in the tops of my big toes.
Icing also helped relieve the neuropathy, but that was only a temporary fix.


@Stoney @Sybil @Grandma_J Thank you all for telling me of your experience and what has worked for you. It’s very helpful to have some perspective on this symptom—to know that it’s probably connected to the PsA (no redness and no swelling) and how it’s often dealt with. I’ll discuss it with my rheumy when I see him in January.


I have that too; it feels like the underneath of the toes have been dipped in acid or bleach. For me on both feet it was a precursor to neuromas which are really annoying and painful and don’t really ever go away. Sorry, not the cheeriest news…

Thank you, @JJE239. Helpful, if discouraging, to know.

I get burning in the very tips of my toes occasionally, but I get pain under my toenails. Neurontin helps some, but I have to resort to ice sometimes.