Feeling very lucky and a little guilty

I live in Washington state, in a county that so far only has 1 confirmed case of COVID-19, (likely due to a lack of testing). I work for the local school district. My doctor agreed that I should not be at work, even with the children gone until April 27th. I was given paid administrative leave for the duration of the closure. Really the first time my 3 autoimmune conditions have come in handy for anything. Feeling very lucky right now to be able to stay home and care for and protect myself and my husband, (69 w/COPD).

But feeling a little sad and guilty that so many people in similar positions are having to go to jobs that put them in danger of getting ill themselves or bringing something home to their loved ones. I just want everyone to be safe and healthy.

If you or any one in your family is still working, (medical field, grocery, trucking, custolial, delivery, Uber/Lyft, food service or any other service professionals), please give them a big thank you from me and mine. This would be so much harder without you.

And for everyone who is working remotely, (teachers, bankers, tax preparers, insurance agents, and so many more), thank you too. Your work is going to be why we have even a minimal sense of normalcy when all of this is over.

Stay safe out there.


Wow, I hope you are all right! Being that Washington was one of the hardest hit States, from that one case…
pray you were spared.

Sadly, the NY metro area has far surpassed every other state. I live in Westchester County, which had the first hotspot in the state. Pretty scary times.

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Yes, that is a scary area on the map…
Stay safe!

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I work for the state Tennessee Dept Ed in school nutrition. We were sent home last week. (we are still working and being paid.) Governor said until April 24th last night. Wife was sent home two weeks ago.

All of our nutrition staff are working from home and working long hours to make sure the students still get fed.

That being said, I sure feel much better not dealing with the stress of an hour compute both ways every day! I could get used to this.


Same here Due to Italy s shutdown policies, the national network has allowed me to switch to home remote work given my impaired immune system. Am thankful to be allowed to stay home these days, the situation is not exactly pristine at the moment. Downside, need for decluttering, house renovation, and thorough housework as well as office work. A prayer for everyone, regards


I was thinking about you being in Italy. So glad you’re doing good. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ve been thinking of you too Letizia and am so glad you’ve posted.

Haha, ‘thorough housework’ - yep, I’m now seeing ingrained grease, thick coatings of dust & cobwebs I’ve been able to tactically ignore before.


My husband is 69 and has COPD also! We’re in MN, and luckily not in the big city. We have several kids and 12 grandkids to worry about (and a 95-year-old mom)…at first we were so happy the news was it wasn’t affecting younger people. Well, now it is. WHY???

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Glad everyone is still surviving! Saw a good video interview of a specialist in South Korea, he is saying best case scenario, the virus might go away in July-August, but with so much modern travel, he thinks that is less the 10% likely. Another scenario would be that it would lessen in the Northern hemisphere, and get worse in the Southern hemisphere, then would become a regular cycle every year, until we get the vaccine.
I like neither of these scenarios!
He did say that masks were the main thing helping Asian countries keep the numbers down, WHO was saying not to wear masks because they blew it, and did not prepare, and have a shortage, not because it would not be helpful! Also safety glasses are important the doctor said, as the droplets can land in the eyes… Next time I have to go out, I am going to look like someone ready for surgery!


Here is the link: https://youtu.be/gAk7aX5hksU

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My new look for the foreseeable future. This is the N99 mask, have a couple of these left. Working on a construction site this week, so getting them dirty pretty fast! The contractor does not care there is a pandemic he is going full on, with this major electrical/ generator project, I am overseeing. So being around workers that could be infected, have to always be with a mask and gloves! Probably ahould add eye protection also.

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