Evil Green peppers :o(

Maybe its a coincidence, but I've been feeling pretty much really great for several weeks and all of a sudden now, its like a ton of bricks just fell on my right arm, hand, elbow and shoulder. I cut up a green pepper and had it for a snack about 3 hours ago, could this be the cause? If so, green peppers can rot in hell.

~Angie~ <~~GROUCHY!!<~~~

There are certain foods that I've noticed that once I've eaten I get a flare up. Seafood especially. I had a food allergy test done last year and it said a lot of seafood and shellfish were marked as an allergy. I had to quit drinking soda as well because it was causing pain about an hour after I drank it. Hope this helps a little :)


Peppers are in the nightshade group, so yes it can be a source of your pain. If you haven't research it yet, you may want to look it up. I personally was shocked by the list. I had never even heard this term till I joined this site. I hope this helps you out. Hope you get some quick relief!! Good luck!!

Hi Angie,

So sorry you went through this over a pepper, we just never know what is going to rock the boat! They are hard for me to digest, so I eat the red ones, but stuff them bake them and peel them and do not have as much trouble. Thought I knew all the nightshades, never knew that was in a class with pumpkins and mushrooms, learn a new trick every day!

Someone stated they had severe pain from eating an apple, so anything could be possible when it comes to our bodies! You will probably know for sure the next time you try one, if you do, sorry only you will know for sure!

Don't blame you, I'd be grouchy too!

I've always hated green peppers because they give me a headache, although I didn't test positive as allergic to them. So yes, I think green peppers can affect your body, the nasty buggers.

Funny you mention ana-shock - I had that with CAT scan dye. I was told by a medical person that it's got iodine in it and so does seafood, and to avoid seafood. I did have a reaction once to shrimp. Also to strawberries. Pollens, etc as well.

Wonder if there is overlap with allergies and PsA and fibro as well.

Possibly…my allergy list is longer than the not allergic. :frowning:

Green peppers have always been hard for me (and most of my family) to digest - I avoid them.....except in salsa for some reason I can eat them in salsa no problem - must have something to do with the preparation I guess...also, I am becoming more and more of a believer of paying attention to my diet to help with pain and "flare ups" (which I personally think should be called attacks!).

Yes, attacks are a much truer word, for PsA and for fibro, too. But then would doctors feel they'd have to take these illnesses more seriously?

You are probably right!

Hi Angie, Yesterday I went for physical therapy for my shoulder and had a different therapist. She knew about my PsA from my regular PT and told me her family has problems with arthritis and she sees a homeopathic doctor to try to ward it off for herself. The doctor told her to stay away from white flour and sugar, but also to stay away from peppers, tomatoes and eggplant as well as these foods can make arthritis worse. Just thought I would pass it along. Hope you are back to doing well. Sheila

Thanks Sheila! Yeah I have heard about those foods being a problem sometimes, I haven't noticed an issue with tomatos, and the problem I had after the green pepper had subsided by the time I woke up the next morning. idk, I'm feeling awesome one day, and not as great the next, I think it may be time for a change in meds, I feel symptoms coming back I haven't had in many months... I think the green pepper thing (assuming it was the green pepper) was possibly a warning sign that things are starting to go downhill for me right now, but I'm not worried, I have an appt with my rhu next week and fully expect to be back on track very soon! :o) Hope all of you are doing well today!

Peppers will cause inflammation... so as we try to eat healthy sometimes its a curse.... there are a few foods that cause inflammation. but my memory is in a foggy stage tonight and I cant remember what other veggies cause inflammation.. :>( so i just dont eat them anymore.


oh yeah one other veggie is broccoli