It's so great that there are others out there that understand what I'm going through!! Sometimes I grow weary of hearing, "oh, yeah, I have arthritis too!" or "Well, maybe it's just your age"...right, I'm not even 50.... I still believe the biologic is working, as my feet have not been swollen since I've started Remicade. I think this disease is just moving to a different place. I'm hoping the increased dosage does the trick. And, yes, I am definitely more stiff when the weather is cold. Thanks, everyone, for your support.

I get the same thing!! I have arthritis too I understand!! im 22 years old im pretty sure those other people don't get it!! I found that the winter was easier then the summer since being diagnosed I have put on so much weight so being hotter its harder to move so my joints move less then winter! I really hope your meds work if u need someone to talk to im here xx stay strong