Well it’s been awhile since I updated. Saw my Rheumy and she got me on Enbrel. Because of all the other medications I have Been on and methotrexate messing with my liver and pancreas insurance approved the Enbrel the same day my Rheumy sent the paper work over. I have been on it for a month now. Still don’t notice much of a change. But I will say I hope it helps. I have been dealing with so much pain in my ribs specially my lower part of my ribs and on my floating ribs it wraps around to my back. All I wanna do is just cry and run away. My kids ask me everyday if I’m OK. All I can say to them is I will be. I know this is just another part of having PsA. But it’s a pain. Ugggh. Hope you are all doing well.

Hi Ben, I just want to say I do hope Enbrel starts working for you! You mentioned pain in your ribs. I am extremely fortunate that Enbrel started working for me within a few days after my first injection--that's really rare. However, it's anyone's guess how long it will continue to work--some days I think it's losing its strength, but I wanted to say the biggest improvement I've had from Enbrel is the lifting of the fatigue and stiffness. Every tendon in my body was sore (slight exaggeration) and I've said this a few times: I felt like the Tin Man, with very painful stiffness in many places. That has disappeared. But, I've had some major back pain and more recently, foot pain that I think is due to damage caused by PsA. Do you notice less stiffness and fatigue? Once you feel better that way, it will give you strength to deal with the residual pain that isn't a symptom, but a result. Hopefully, that will come soon!

Thank you Grandma J, I do hope the Enbrel works. My mom has Been on it for over 10 years and it has worked great for her. Just never thought I would have to deal with this at such a young age. I do notice less stiffness in the mornings. I’m dealing with a huge flare today, wish it would stop.

Ben, nice to see you post again. I’ve been on Enbrel for 8 wks now and so far it has worked slowly for me too. I actually thought it was doing nothing at all until I had to skip a week. It was a very hard week! I too struggle with rib pain as my main complaint the one that started diagnosis etc. So, I really get where your at right now. That week off showed me it was working but just not as quickly as it does for some. Like GrandmaJ said the fatigue is about 70% better but the pain comes and goes. My feet and toes hurt a ton and my rib comes and goes, mostly depending on how hard I work. Keep at it though, anything that helps even a little when your in pain like that helps at least I feel that way. Not to mention it can be so hard just to get the script for these expensive drugs! Keep us posted and good luck.

Idk why it’s slow to start in some people and starts working quickly for others. Does your mom remember if it took awhile for her enbrel to start working? I was thinking how many people on here have children with psa. We have psoriasis on my husbands side also. I’m just crossing my fingers our kids don’t have it or PsA–and knowing that it’s probably inevitable! This morning my husband is seeing the rheumy for his recent painful and swollen joints. If it’s PsA or RA, our kids certainly carry those disgusting genes. I’m hoping you’ll start noticing little changes–especially as far as fatigue. Like Rachael said, that’s a big help!