Enbrel not for me

since going on the Embrel I have had bronchitis 4 times, a UTI, ear infection & 3 sinus infections. after/while take just 8 doses. The Dr put me on Leflunomide after I said NO MORE to the Enbrel. I can't live with or afford all those infections.

Anyone have any experience with Leflunomide you care to share?

I've been on leflunomide for a year now. It worked really well at a full dose (20mg/day) but I had to cut back due to diarrhea. On that dose every other day, it didn't work as well. I recently went back up to the full dose, about 3 months ago. No side effects, but no increased help, as desired. I'll be looking at a biologic next.

My bloods were always fine. I kept taking folic acid (3mg/day) and biotin while on leflunomide, due to hair loss. Otherwise, nothing too major with the meds. And remember, everyone will respond differently.

I tolerated Leflunomide much better than MTX. I was taking it in addition to my biologic. It helped about 15-20%. My test results started to go off, and it started to not help as much after about 6 months, so I went off. I had minor issues with diarrhea.