Enbrel is working...I think

Well, I've been taking Enbrel now for 8 weeks, and I feel like I have my life back. I've needed no other pain treatments, and even my energy levels are very much improved. The side effects have been minimal such as a sore spot at the injection site, and a bit of fatigue for a day or so after the weekly injection. It is so lovely to get out of bed and be able to stand right up and walk with a minimum of hobbling! My hand looks normal now. The swelling is almost all gone in multiple areas. I am hopeful that it will continue to work for me and want to post this for others who may be reluctant to try a biologic. I am very grateful and feel as though I am about 90 percent back to normal for the first time in a year.

This week is a little more challenging as I have had a resurgence of some swelling and pain, but I am fighting a cold so I think that my body is just being hit by multiple things and something just had to give.

I also have some rougher days after more extreme physical exertions such as boy scout camp with my son, but after a few days, I'm okay again.

I love Enbrel!

I am so thrilled for you DMaraJade! Enjoy, i am sending you hugs and prayers!

@ Michael in Vermont, thanks so much!

You echo my experience almost exactly - my husband and I were talking about it only yesterday, it’s like getting a second chance at life!

Hi Jade!

So glad that you are getting such good results from Enbrel! Yipee! I still take it as well, at least until end of January. It has given me some very good days, the real test will be this winter, when I really suffer.

I hope that you continue to improve, allowing you to keep up with your busy boys!