I just was put on Embrel.. Does anyone have advice for this med? I have tried many other meds, but nothing has succesfuly worked.

I also am going to try acupuncture. Any advice on that?

I got my first Enbrel shot yesterday. I'm a little achy and tired today but not too bad. We will so how it goes.

I took it for 3 months. I would inject in my leg then a day or so later it became red and itchy. My doctor told me to put ice on it 15 minutes before and after injection. That seemed to help. But after being on it for 3 months & not feeling any better, I called my doctor again. At this point he told me to quit taking it as it was not working. I see him again on 5/17/12. I am guessing he will try me on something else. I was on methotrexate before this and that made he horribly sick. I just wish something would work soon because my joints seem to be locking up all over. Hope the enbrel works for you.

I'm hoping something works.. It really is great to be a part of this site.

Hi Ruth,

I just gave myself my first shot of Enbrel last night, and let me tell you that I have high hopes for it as well! Sometimes you really have to dig down deep to reinvent the hope, don't you? We just have to scrounge it up somewhere! It could be a spouse, child, song, movie, a movie star, anything to push you to go on and to grasp that thread of hope again. Hands down it is my grand kids, I try to have them every weekend, I am exhausted and in pain when they are not here, so all the more reason to have them, they keep me moving and laughing!

Good luck girl, we need to stay in touch with each other about our progress with this new drug!


I love my enbrel. I think it is magic!

Starting it this week to go with the MTX I have been on for four months, hoping for some results... hang in there everyone...

Saw my Rheumy yesterday. He says that although I should be on a stronger med, Enbrel is the mildest of the biologicals. My liver enzymes are high but stable, and Enbrel "may be" better for the liver than the rest. (May be why these drs. like to prescribe so much) Enbrel is effective, not as strong as I am used to, but is safer than most. (Much better than nothing at all!)

I hope this helps. Oh, I also know that is expeeennnnsive. I pay about $1200 per shot weekly. Many of you mix it with Methotxt, but Arava works better for me. (I know, Arava is dangerous...)