Eenie, Meenie, Miney....Stelara or Otzela for my atypical damned frustrated. Help

Hey, my right pointer finger looks like that, too! I just noticed that it looks worse right now than the last time I looked at it! I think mine is osteo-my rheumy told me my lumps are osteo, and when the area around them and along the whole finger becomes swollen and hot, that's when the PsA is flaring.

In the end, the lack of psoriasis shouldn’t impact the diagnosis. With her disease being primarily axial, she probably could have been diagnosed with AS even with the negative test result. There was a reason the doctor gave the diagnosis of PsA. Just because she failed to see results from the TNFi, doesn’t imply she doesn’t have the disease. My psoriasis didn’t see result from either Enbrel and Humira, but responded to Stelara. The bottom line - I hope she sees results from the drug.

Enthesitis is my nemesis !

I do have axial and peripheral joint involvement.

I also have osteo in multiple sites. My doc explained it this way, "you not only have fleas, but fleas and ticks." We both laughed.

I have not asked him about the little marbles- trigger point-whatchamacallits. They are soft and firm, but not hard and they come and go.

Mataribot, I read a study last night that Stelara performed fairly well for folks with AS, so maybe this will be my ticket to some relief ! I'm so glad it worked for your psoriasis.

I am convinced that my nail symptoms are psoriasis and that I do have some mild inverse psoriasis. I do not think it is yeast. I can count the times on one hand that I have had candida "below the equator".

Inverse has two friends. There first names are Fungal and Bacterial and both have the same last name - Infection. If you don’t see Inverse’s friends out the door first, you will never get rid of Inverse.

I keep the area where my inverse is completely dry. My dermatologist told me to lay off, because I could damage the skin, but every time I listen to him I end up on anti fungal, antibiotic, and steroids.