Is Stelara new or am I just now hearing about it?

For psorasis, 2 doses the first month, then 4 x a year, new biological? This info may help someone.

Okay, sorry but all I'm hearing on this is Stanley from a Streetcar Named Desire bellowing, "Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!" which is probably completely appropriate, given this disease.

Hey, make me laugh, Petunia! I don't have psoriasis, but never heard the commercial before, of course I have all but abandoned TV since finding Ben's Friends, though this is my night for my 2 shows, anyway, it could have been around, and I just never caught it. It may help somebody!

Keep is laughing, Petuniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Glad to make you smile! But you're doing a great service by getting out the word!

Good grief, SK, you've been "gifted" with so many nasty illnesses; I'm surprised that "sore-I-as-is" hasn't pushed its way in too.

How were you diagnosed with PsA ith the absence of P?

Petuniaaaaaaaaaaaa Mooniaaaaaaaaaaa at your service.

Pitted fingernails! the first Rheum looked at them, as they have always been there, but nothing clicked with her! Yet others have found her to be fantastic! If I had the rash, surely my GP would have already nailed it! But he finally put the over-lap syndrome together! We were still on the disc and facet from what we thought the car accident!

Not that new. I know someone who was in the trials. No PsA symptoms and P completely cleared. he was 100% covered and classed disabled. For him it was a new life. He did not have any PsA symptoms but it helps with PsA I think. My sister is going on Stelare next. She is considering it right now. She has P that gets out of control at times. Enbrel keeps her from being 85% covered in several different kinds of P.

Strange, haven't heard of anyone mentioning it on here, at least I haven't remembered it talked about. So glad it worked that incredibly well! Hope some of ours can get some good results from it!

It is a newer bio and costly. Aren't they all? Simponi is the new kid on the block for PsA. Stelara mostly used for P.I have one freind on Simponi. works well for her but does not carry her the full month. 3, 3.5 weeks if she is lucky. She has failed on many,

Other than my friends on site here, I don't know anyone with it. We never knew what it was my grandmother had other than arthritis, and never really knew about Autoimmune, of course those were the day before PC's. She had sufered such a horrible car crash too, still can't figure out how she survived that!

How are you, trees?

Fine. And if you believe that I have a bridge for sale for ya LOL. Both my sister and I broke out in P when we had our TB scratches in Quebec . In less than a week Sister was covered in P I had the ususal spots elbows, ankles knees and scalp.My sister spent 3 weeks in hospital it was so bad. I was so jealous cause she got a new housecoat. I got tar creams. Mind you I was 6 and she was 5 . Now we have both decided that we don't want what the other has.

Hi trees,

I have read that some attribute getting this to vaccines, they are such a controversy these days, so glad my grandkids had no reactions, hope it stays that way!

That was terrible to go through this so young, for you and your sister! Does she still suffer so badly from PsA?

My great grandson has had it from birth, all the grandkids have it, I showed some photos to my 9 year old grandson who has been here with me for 6 or 7 days now. He does not want me putting anything on his rash, so I showed him photos of how bad it can become, I also mentioned regular baths were crutial! Did not hear any objections about bath or cream tonight.

trees, I was just reading that the rash can show up as long as 20 years after the onset of the disease! No thanks, I don't want it!

Bet those tar creams were nasty business! Did they help at all?


I am not sure it is approved for PSA yet....I've only seen it advertised for Psoriasis.

Ive been told Stelara is currently in phase 3 trials for PsA.
It differs from Enbrel, Humira, & Remicade in that they target TNF-a.
Stelara targets IL-12 & IL-23 which my doctor said more directly targets the inflammatory process.

The key issue is that it addresses inflammation through a different mechanism.

Suzanne Hall said:

I am not sure it is approved for PSA yet…I’ve only seen it advertised for Psoriasis.

Thank you dandlyons!

I don't believe I've had the pleasure of talking with you yet. This sounds like good news for us, as no one seems to respond the same way to meds. Even if a certain med helps, it may not help for a long enough time.

I just stumbled across an article that hit a few days ago that 20 Rheumatory drugs are coming from Europe. I believe the conference was in Brussels.

Thank you again for the info.


You are welcome SK. I've been lurking ... just saw a chance to contribute for a change ;)

I have had limited success with TNF-a inhibitors so I am hoping the emerging drugs show more promise for folks like me. I will check out the article.



Hi Dand,

There is quite a bit of chat here to go through, lurking is allowed! LOL!!

I wanted to tell you that Seennie and Reid had told me of great success in adding Knox unflavored getatin in your tea or coffee in the morning 1/2 to 1 pack, and don't wait long after you stir in to to drink it down, but either the Enbrel or the Knox or both helped my limp tremendously. Besides Sciatica, I have joint damage and bone spurs in the knee, ankle and foot of the left leg. Of course weather is a huge factor for me, and it has really been stormy here on the East Coast.

Please feel welcome to join us anytime!


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