Easy bruising with Enbrel

As a few of you will have seen, the last few weeks has been immensely exciting for me because of the immediate and dramatic improvement on Enbrel (maybe I should check to see if they’ll give me some free for a bit of advertising :slight_smile: …,…,)

Oddly enough, in the same time, I’ve started to bruise very easily, with the bruises remaining for longer than normal, and woke up with a slightly bloody nose this morning.

I’ve dutifully done the right thing; spoken to the Rhuemy, gone for a full blood count etc, and I feel so well I’d be very surprised if there’s an issue.

So my question is this: are there lots of us on Enbrel, or other biologics, with a few minor bruising type symptoms that we are ignoring because they are irrelevant? Is it a common side effect that just isn’t listed because none of us see it as significant and can’t be bothered reporting it?