Hi everyone.

Just want to see if anyone else has experienced this, currently on mtx, sulphasalazine, prednisolone, Mobic and folic acid.

I have been getting large spontaneous bruising without injury for the last month, and not sure where it’s coming from. My liver function has been a bit off, but I’m someone who never bruised, and these are huge.

Have appt with rheumy in 3 weeks and a blood test in 10 days.


Hi Keryn, I bruise very very easily and have had a couple of events that have had the docs worried enough to recheck my liver functions as well as other blood factors. As best I can recall I was on Arava/leflunomide at the time. NSAID's can be implicated as well as the DMARDS. So sounds to me like that blood test and appointment is coming at the right time although I'd probably ring through to my rheumy nurse or GP sooner to report this happening and see if they wanted me to cut back on anything in the meantime. Let us know how you get on. J

Thanks Jules will do. :slight_smile: