Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Does Anyone Use CBDs or THC For Pain, Etc

I made sure to let my Rhumy know that I use both CBD and THC for the pain, muscle spasms and depression. When I mentioned it he just went right past the comment, but it was obvious that he heard me. It was also on all of my paperwork more than once.

Does anyone here find either or both beneficial?

I’d so like to try it frankly, but the right strength or doses is still verboten in the UK. However if I went back ‘home’ to Ireland it’s available to buy from overseas.

Interesting. I was under the understanding that CBD extract was now legal in UK.
I’m likely misinformed.

It is permissible but apparently not at the right strengths. I’ll reinvestigate it now though.

Sadly it appears that THC is the REAL thing that helps. Funny to me that CBD is such an issue in the UK. No country has done more work to bring CBD or THC medicine mainstream. In fact Sativex (IMO a Wonder drug for MS) comes from the UK. Interestingly it isn’t the cannibis thats the issue but rather In 2014, NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) found it not sufficiently effective in treating muscle spasticity for its price. In 2017, it costs £375 + VAT per pack, roughly 270 doses. Seems cheap to me.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, signed an agreement with Syqe Medical to distribute a unique cannabis treatment technology in the UK. The pocket-sized device can be loaded with selective-dose cartridges, allowing patients to take an optimal dose of the drug.provides individualized treatment as the amount can be remote-controlled by doctors and the inhaler’s automated dose feature. THAT device has been approved and will be available some time this year. The rest of us just spray a bit under our tongues that we buy from Amazon and hope for the best, The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)“MHRA will now work with individual companies and trade bodies in relation to making sure products containing CBD, used for a medical purpose, which can be classified as medicines, satisfy the legal requirements of the Human Medicines Regulations 2012, and 18 companies have been advised of their change in opinion. It should be interesting how it all shakes down.

Anyway that doesn’t answer the question… I have tried the CBD oil with little success. Actual pot with more, don’t know if it really helps or just helps me to not care… In any event the once or twice a year I imbibe is usually while back packing after a particullarly long day. I have tried “patches” with zero effect. But then I’m product of the sixties and prefer Alice B. Tokley Brownies. (but my wife refuse to let me because of a minor skinny dipping incident in 1972)


So sorry to hear that it’s not available in useful forms in the UK.
Of course here in the US it is still a Federal Offense, but some states have decided that this should be up to the individual states and not our federal government.
Fortunately I live in a state that has chosen to allow the use of medical and recreational marijuana.

Many people, including myself, get great pain relief from CBDs alone. I have found that a combining the CBD with THC is much more effective.
Typically I will find good cannabis with both CBDs and THC and then either smoke the flowers or make either RSO Oil or make Rosin via my Rosin Press.

I do like edibles but find I’m more prone to “couch lock” when I ingest.

I also have a friend who makes a great topical that I find works better than the topicals I’ve been prescribed for my psoriasis. It’s all natural and when it stops working I can add THC distillate and it starts working again.

“Couch lock”?? For those of us innocents, do explain - is this when you feel ok but care too little to get off the couch?? :joy::joy:

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Couch lock is when the weed is so potent that after smoking you are unable to get up off of the couch.
Typical of the Indica strains.

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Stick to Sativa or hybrids, it works better although might not be as much fun LOL Cannatonic is likley the best and you wont get couchlocked, Harlequin is similar has a 5:2 CBD: THC ratio which makes super effective for treating arthritis pain. Canna Tsu is best for inflammation. FWIW mys sister (who is 77) juices the two together and swears by it.

I have a couple other favorites personally, but I normally stick with Sativas and hybrids as well, but if I’m having difficulty sleeping some Obama Kush works wonders.

Thanks @tntlamb - that saved me a lot of time. I’ll keep my ear to the ground.

Being a mod and all I feel obligated to add getting couch locked is NOT a good idea. If using this stuff as medicine is what you choose to do, then the the INSTANT you find yourself using it any other way STOP!!! If for no other reason than its evidence the PsA is winning and that is the start of a bouncing painful slide down a very slippery slope… Really.

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Good point - very good point actually.

yea … been there …

for me, i got high … it made me forget about my issue for a few hours … but that was because i was smoking a fairly high grade MJ … that i perhaps in retrospect … i should have not been smoking this , due to it potency.
that being said … and this is from personal experience only, it overruns your pain, but it is not a cure, It is an out of the whole pain scenario, which in some cases … is probably one of the best things to do when things go really bad.
pain re-leaver no, relaxation agent yes …

i hope this helps … d-mo

I do find relief by using cannabis and have for the past 2 years. I’m in Canada and registered with a licensed producer that has some unique strains. My daytime strain is a sativa hybrid called boaty mcboatface(what a name) with 4:12 THC:CBD and my nighttime strain is an indica(Bakerstreet) that has 18:1 THC:CBD. I find both helpful at keeping me going in addition to methotrexate and humira. All of my doctors are very aware and supportive. I think the hardest thing is finding the right strain and that took a while to figure out but once you find something that works stick with it and be consistent. I have learned to make my own tintures(vg and alcohol based) as well as topicals. I did find that using a topical slowed the growth of plaques better than dovonex and dovobet and reported to my derm. Humira though really helped with the plaques and severe inflammation and allowed me to walk again. I’m not sure whether cannabis is a cure but it does seem to help me at least for which I’m thankful. Hope this helps.

I did use medical marijuana for a while and still do occasionally. I don’t smoke it, I take chocolates made by northern lights. They come in 25 mg squares, 12 to a bar. I take one or two when I’m really hurting. They take the pain away and lubricate my joints. However, I get really stoned and can’t really do anything for about 4 hours. It is not a big deal because on the days I’m really suffering, I can’t do anything anyway. I live in Michigan where medical marijuana is legal. There is a dispensary about 45 minutes from my home, luckily. If you have access to a dispensary, I highly recommend edibles.

That sativa hybrid must be a British brand, over here we aim to name just about anything Boaty McBoatface:

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Mod Note: I have moved this discussion to our “Complimentary Category” so it can be more easily be found in the future. Its one of the FEW reasonable discussions that have popped up (and one of the few we have allowed to survive)

Complementary Therapies are fine. As I have said many times if painting yourself purple and dancing under a full moon while naked and lick frog slime helps, then you should catch some frogs by a gallon of purple paint check the calendar and start stripping.Complementary Therapies are only a problem when they replace the only KNOWN medically evidenced therapies to help and prevent future damage.


We have lived in the country for a number of years and my husband decided to try his hand at growing cannabis. He grows a couple plants each year. I make cannabutter (recipes online) and then use it for cookies. I measure the dough carefully - trial and error to determine the size that was best.
I’m not a fan of “couch lock” so I mostly eat a cookie a couple of hours before bed. It has definitely improved my sleep!

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Forgot to mention that this is VERY much a complementary therapy, used in conjunction with my doctor prescribed meds!