Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

For those in legal states

I read everything I can about autoimmune diseases. I’m a believer also in as natural as possible. Here’s an article I read this morning. Hope it will help some of y’all.


Hi AngieB, hope you don’t mind that I moved your post to the Complementary Therapies section.

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@Sybil no problem hunny. I didn’t think about doing that. Thank you.

I would just caution about possible mental health effects from the use of cannabis, having seen them myself. It’s not for everyone, but may be useful for some as a complimentary (not alternative) therapy. In the UK licenses are being looked at for medicinal use, not sure if PsA would qualify as details not available yet.

I hope it will be but have my doubts. It may be many years before ‘lesser’ conditions like PsA are eligible. At the moment it’s only going to be for epileptic seizures of the severest kind as far as I’m aware.

HOWEVER I’m having great results from my use of CBD oil - legally sold and used in the UK as a herbal supplement with no medicinal claims. Unfortunately it’s expensive but it’s helping with pain and inflammation and has transformed my mental health in that it has hugely reduced my anxiety and depression. It has only tiny traces of THC the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, therefore is legal here in the UK. :blush:


We’ve been talking about this for weeks (my husband, me and our kids). We will be purchasing some CBD. I heard there is an oil that one can rub on the skin to relieve arthritis pain.

A granddaughter (14) got the ok from her psychiatrist to use it as it is totally harmless and it seems to be just as, if not more, effective as Atavan and some of the depression meds. She’s having trouble with lots of depression and anxiety. We’re hoping this is the answer.

I may rub the oil on my arches…it certainly can’t hurt…I’ll let you know if it works!

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I spotted CBD in Holland and Barrett last week, they had a deal on :heart_decoration:

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Apparently that one is too weak according to those who swear by it. But there others on line to buy legally which are better. It’s my next thing to try if needed.

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