Miranol ( synthetic THC ) for pain

I was wondering if anyone has tried Miranol ( synthetic TCH) for pain? I have used several different narcotics and anti inflamatories for my severe pain but they don't seem to help at all. medical marijuana is legal in the state where I live and recreational marijuana will be legal in july of next year but that is something I am not sure I want to try, not to mention I would loose my job if I was drug tested. I am at my wits end trying to figure out something that will curb the pain.

Has your doctor suggested this? I did some research on cannabis and its synthetic progeny for some clients that were hoping to use medical cannabis for symptom relief, and I never saw anything on it helping with inflammation-related pain. I think there's some evidence for pain related to spasms in neurological diseases, and there's definitely an impact on appetite in wasting diseases and chemotherapy-induced nausea, but it's not terribly effective for pain management. There are other options, though, that are non-narcotic, like gabapentin and tricyclic antidepressants. Those are pretty common for people with PsA, and your rheumatologist wouldn't need much, if any, persuading to try those.

Have you done any physical therapy? I've found that (after the misery) I feel so, so much better when I'm active... the pain is still there, and I still have trouble sleeping sometimes, but it's not as bad. Also, minimizing stress... I hope that you are experiencing less these days, though it would be totally normal if your life was still all over the place after your loss. Do you have someone you can talk with about your pain and other stressors? When I first got sick, I saw a therapist for a bit, and she helped me map my pain... it helped, just to be aware of the pain and not to be so scared of it.

Thank you for your response and suggestions Rosen. I Will ask my rheumatologist about the things you mention at my next appointment later this month. no I have not tried physical therapy, however I do have a very active life. my job alone gives me plenty of exercise as I walk an average of 8 miles a night around and around a grocery store. I also swim 3 times a week and just recently purchased a bicycle to use for therapy after my knee surgery later this month. The stress in my life is getting better but still plays a big part I am sure. I was not really fond of the whole medical marijuana thing but was not sure of any other options, so again thank you for the suggestions.

I don’t know if really about the pain relief or more about anxiety and stress relief. My pain is significantly better when I am not OCD about my condition. Sometimes all it takes is a bit anxiety and stress relif to help the pain. I wouldn’t recommend anyone use mind altering drugs to achieve this, unless every other option is explored. Even then I don’t recommend it. Just my 2 cents…

It's a prescription. I've heard from a couple people using it. One didn't like the side effects. Another 1 or 2 liked it. I don't think any of them were using it exclusively for pain, but more for sleep and problems maintaining weight.

The best thing to do is find someway of stress relief. I am lucky. I’m disabled through SS. On a fixed income. My family trust fund recently purchased a home for us. Zero stress. I just help me and my wife exist with our pain. The sixties formula for pain does work. You can read all the studies about cannabis you want, if it works, so be it.