Doctor Google

You know the type. Always the expert with advice on any subject. Rushing to google the malady then toss in in a few words and presto! Instant docotor! Even passing off google psychology to those who never even asked for it.

Makes one wonder.

At any rate for anyone who finds their self googling posts when they have no clue, no professional training or doctorate you need to stop. While you are at it, stop and think you just might hurt someone and better yet, find your self in a law suit.

Share you experiences but no more googling and no more back room psychology. No one is a doctor here and I dont feel anyone that came here was looking for one.


I feel that you're ordering people to do or not do things and I really don't like that particular tone of "voice." Nor do I feel that you are necessarily speaking for everyone or understanding that some folks offer information and we KNOW it's not from a doctor. You do not speak for me.

Thank you.

It’s Drama on both sides and crap like this ruins things for people like me, the ones who aren’t involed. You also need to relieze how other people feel too, it’s not funny either.

Which mod do we get a hold of for this kind of stuff. I need this site but this pettiness is ruining things for me and I am ready to walk on it. Someone with some authority needs to step in.

I see it like the TV… if I see something I don’t like or is not to my taste I turn over.
This site, I presume, is for everyone… to share, to talk, to ask, to laugh, to cry, some people have knowledge about living with this disease, some people don’t …a support network for us, those suffering with PsA or their loved ones.
I don’t agree with everything I see, but this is peoples opinions, insights, experience and is a valuable resource, warts and all.
I try to take what I need and give back what I can, what I think is interesting or just my opinion…sometimes that’s all that’s being asked for, opinion.
Its a ommunity and like all communities we won’t all get along…that’s just human nature

well said Louise! and, like the rest of us, Lastshooter is entitled to his opinions and views

and Shutterbug, please don't leave!

Quite agree xmasmamma on both counts! X

Putting on my mod hat...

If you have issues with the way someone is posting, please contact that person privately or contact a moderator. To call people out publicly creates unnecessary drama and those not affected by the situation shouldn't have to be a part of it.

Also... Please think of Living with Psoriatic Arthritis as a buffet - take what works for you and leave the rest.

This is a community that has to do with a medical condition, so medical issues will be discussed. That doesn't mean we're doctors, but it does mean that many of us have at least a little knowledge of medical tests, procedures, and information based on what we've learned and personal experiences. Occasionally some may use google or another search engine to find information to share, as it's often easier to cut and paste something one would like to share than to type it out with arthritic fingers. If you cut and paste, please list your source. If you share personal experience, please present it as such to avoid confusion. If you are a healthcare professional (we do have members who are healthcare professionals) and are presenting a medical opinion, please state it as such. And remember - medical opinions are just that- opinions. No one person has all the answers, and even doctors can be wrong.

Everyone take a deep breath, let it out, and refocus on what we're all here for - supporting one another through our journeys with psoriatic arthritis.