DMARD with overall least amount of side effects

I'm pretty sure that this will be subjective. I have been trying to compare all of the DMARD side effects as I think my rheumy is going to suggest adding one again. I have tried MTX but had difficulty. Please discuss. Thanks!

Reading up on side effects won’t be any help, I’m afraid. You’ll only know what it does to you when you try it. When you say you had difficulty with MTX, were you on oral or injectable? Many people find the injectable gives them fewer problems, because it bypasses the digestive tract.
Sorry, can’t be of much help.

Plaquenil doesn’t have many side effects for me, but it also take 4 to 6 months to work, if it works. It hasn’t worked for me and my 5 month is December.

I haven’t taken a DMARDs that worked and hasn’t had some annoying side effect (that includes bios).

Seenie is right, each person reacts differently. All you can do is try them and see how your body reacts.

I had some side effects on oral mtx when I first started it but I am on a higher dose and injecting it and have no side effects. It all depends on how your body reacts, the dose and the route you take it. Good luck finding a good fit for you.

I agree with what most are telling you. You'll have to try each one at a time to find out how well they work or don't work for you. Beyond that the only advice I have to offer after dealing with P and PsA for many years now is to find a doctor you can trust, listen to your body and make sure to tell your doctor what's working as well as what's not. If he's a good doctor he will listen and modify your treatment till you are both comfortable with your progress.

Good Luck,


I was on oral MTX. Turned me into a zombie for three days after taking it.

Hi Sherm, I had the same trouble with mtx....I use the term Zombie as well. I was brain dead on it.

From what I have read and talking to everyone seems all meds effect people differently. It's really a try it and see sort of thing. You may have no side effects but the med isn't effective, you could have many side effects with a effective med and not be able to continue taking it.

I think we all have to pick our way through one by one ...In some cases it could be a combination of meds that work best for that person.

The best I can say is pay attention and be aware of what's happening to your body when you are on each med, however small it may seem....and make notes on any side effects. Even if it's not a listed of side effects, because that doesn't mean that is not a side effect for you.