Different types of psoriasis

I have a diagnosis of mild PsA and have never had a very obvious psoriasis. I know about it in my scalp, where it is a powdery, flakey psoriasis, but it’s been hard to show to any doctor. I also know about it on the soles of my feet, which is like pustular, but it comes and goes. I have had a rash on my chest since giving birth nearly 6 years ago which I’m starting to wonder may be inverted psoriasis. Is it common for PsA sufferers to have different types of psoriasis? I realise there’s no ‘normal’ in this disease but wonder if anyone shares similar variety in their psoriasis

It’s not unusual. I have super mild psoriasis, with just a few spots on my elbows and knees, and I barely treat them. That said, I had flares two years in a row of pustular psoriasis on my hands and feet. Again, not as bad as I’ve heard it described, but I was miserable.

Have you seen a dermatologist to look at those specific spots?

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The biosphere on your skin is a tricky thing with psoriasis and usually other skin issues creep into the picture. I have had psoriasis since puberty and it has taken different shades throughout my life. I have had cracking of the skin, super itches, huge patches, small patches, small scaly patches and angry super red patches. A dermatologists can help sort out what you have going on. The scalp, elbows, knees, ears, eyelids, legs, groin, fingers, fingernails–watch for pitting, chest–really anywhere.

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Under your breasts? That’s a common place for inverse psoriasis.

Like @Stoney says, you need a dermatologist to take a look. Particularly at the rash which may be pustular I think.

I have had a good old smorgasbord of psoriasis types (though not pustular) and agree that this is often how it goes.

Thanks, yes, under and between the breasts. Like most of my PsA symptoms, it seems to have been activated by childbirth.

Thanks for your advice, everyone. I’ll seek a dermatologist referral as the pustular on my feet is becoming unbearable

For having “psoriatic arthritis” I don’t have much psoriasis… my patches are about the size of a fresh pencil eraser and happen sporadically around my body. I actually got the joint pain before I had any psoriasis. It’s a weird disease…