dHACM injection

Unbelievably painful! Just the three lidocaine injections were almost unbearable. And then the actual injections hurt anyway, but maybe it would have been worse without the lidocaine.

Micronized dehydrated human amnion/chorion membrane (dHACM) isn’t stem cells, but it recruits your own stem cells to the site of injection. It’s similar to the PRP treatments that spin your own blood to concentrate the good stuff and then inject it into the area that needs it. But you can’t use that method if you’re on a biologic or a steroid.

The tear in the tendon is right where it wraps around the inner ankle bone, so any movement of my foot exacerbates the area. Even in the walking boot I try not to use that foot at all. So, this seems like it’s worth a try, especially if it means I can avoid surgery.

It’s supposed to get worse before it gets better…fingers crossed that it doesn’t get that much worse. And that it really does get better!

Curious and following your progress. where did you have it done? My understanding is this was still in the Phase 1 Randomized trial stage…

This definitely wasn’t part of a trial, but it wasn’t covered by insurance. I was referred through UCLA to the private practice of the chief of podiatric surgery. If he does the surgery to remove the inflamed synovium and repair the tendon then insurance will pay. But because the tear is down the middle of the tendon and “with the grain” he thinks it’s an ideal case for the dHACM and without the longer recovery time and the break from Humira.

The complex HC-HA/PTX3 is the hero in the solution, it not only encourages regenerative healing but squelches ongoing needless inflammation. I need that!


I gather there’s a lot of interesting things happening at UCL hospitals recently.

I hope you get a fantastic result, sorry the procedure hurts so much but this is indeed one to watch!

Thank you! I have a lot of confidence in this doctor. He has a physical therapy team, too and I can’t wait to try some of those treatments for finally getting this withered leg working again. Assuming I will get there!

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The injection area is still a little bruised but the swelling around the ankle bone is definitely better!

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Sounding positive. Let’s hope it continues to do better too.

Well… I’ve been released from the walking boot. The dHACM injection area is doing really well, the tendon has less inflammation, less laxity and the tear is looking better. But the tendon is really weak. I can bear weight on it only with a lot of arch support.

The whole leg has been having so many problems that it’s hard to tell what is what. My lower leg muscles are so weak that I can barely move my foot and ankle. My knee (the original giant joint) is weak and stiff. I know physical therapy will help but I have to give it two weeks out of the boot first.

It just seems like such slow progress, it can be disheartening. I’m basically an optimist at heart, though, so trying to just stay focused on the positives.