Describe a typical flare

The reason I ask this is that I don't really HAVE flares ---at least not as I am imagining a flare would be like. I HURT ALL THE TIME any given moment if you asked me where my predominant pain is located, I would likely have different areas at different times that are hurting me the worst. At any given time I would probably list three joints that are making noise at that moment.

Some days are worse than others. My pain ranges from 6-9 all the time...although a 6 is rare... My number "10" is reserved for hip dislocation as that I believe to be the worst of all possible pain. I am recliner and bed bound most of the time, I try to get up and walk as much as possible but due to SI pain and post THR pain that has never resolved, I cannot walk far.. I have PsS and PsA. I have symmetrical central and peripheral pain and joint involvement.

Is it possible to be in a constant state of "flare"?

Depends on you define “flares.” However, everyone has them. To me, this sounds like your flare to me:

“…I would likely have different areas at different times that are hurting me the worst.”

Since i added exercising in a warm pool to my weekly schedule I have less pain. I think most of my pain has been in my tendons esp where they attach to bone. Now the warm water exercise, Salonpas, heating pad, Tylenol and Naprosen seem to keep the worst of it in check. Now when I get a flare it is more about stiffness and fatigue than pain. I sleep 12 hours a day and still need a nap. The brain fog is wicked. And I can't bend over or take my shoes off or on. It is always a sign I need to change biologics. I have been going through biologics about yearly since I was diagnosed.

I have no idea what a flare is so I decided for me a flare has been when I can't function. I call it the point of no return because all I can do is take a bunch of painkillers to get through the usually 3 days of hell. Can't sleep because I can't usually get into bed with out a step stool and if I do I'm up all night in pain so sleep on the couch. I feel like I'm going to vomit because the pain is so bad. The throbbing feels like a second heart and when I relax (bed time) it intensifies. My last flare I was on crutches(flare in my knee), My husband put one of our kitchen chairs on a towel to slide me around but I couldn't get on it. Anything is a challenge. A shower is impossible, going to the bathroom is a challenge. It all depends what joint is flaring as to what I can accomplish. I went on MTX because I was flaring a few times a month. Thankfully I haven't had a flare in weeks however the daily pain is increasing. I use to only have pain in one or two joints for a short time but now I have pain in several joints daily and the pain jumps around. More pain in one joint but also pain in various others. I have a few spots that haven't been pain free for months and they are showing signs of change. Today it's the back of my neck, shoulders, hips, elbows and hands.