Cyrex Labs testing, dietary changes

Hey, I want to share with you my experience with food sensitivity testing and diet modifications. In addition to my rheumatologist/traditional med therapy I see an acupuncturist for pain relief and supplement recommendations. She practices functional medicine so we’re working on my leaky gut. I had been having intestinal problems as well as rising inflammation showing up in my blood tests. It’s not cheap but I did the Cyrex Labs tests (10 and 4) to see what foods my blood reacts to. And I reacted to so many things including all nightshades, coffee, tea, dairy, grains, legumes, meat except fish, and things I thought were good for me like turmeric. So I’m on an extremely limited diet (already avoid gluten) and I actually feel better. I am losing weight and have no intestinal problems. But, of course, none of this is reflected in my blood tests. My inflammation has increased over the last two months. I’ll continue this diet for 3 to 6 months and then reintroduce some of these foods. Anyway it is a good reminder that we can manage symptoms with complementary therapies and may feel better, but we still need to monitor and manage disease progression. Anyone else have positive experiences with dietary changes?


Yes, anti-inflammatory Primal/Paleo. Really works for me


When I quit eating sugar and processed foods I lost a welcome 100 pounds. When I also cut out grains (except for a little rice occasionally) My asthma and allergies cleared up. I had been taking twice-daily asthma inhalers for decades, but now I haven’t needed any allergy medication for years. --Nancy J.