Cosentyx users. Weird problem

I started cosentyx a little over 2 weeks ago after enbrel. I am in a lot of pain while I wait for it to kick in - I hope. BUT, for the last three days, I have had some cramping pain on both sides of my abdomen. It is confined to a small area and feels more like a odd muscle spasm. It is about 3 inches above where my appendix would be if it was on both sides. It is tolerable but I get concerned with pain in this area.

Since coming off the enbrel the enthesitis has been awful. I am wondering if this is a ligament in that area, but I don’t know my anatomy that well.


Hi tamac,
I started Cosentyx last month and I had the same weird pain you are experiencing. In addition my hair started falling out so I recently hopped off the Cosentyx train! Hoping you get some answers and that the pain there can somehow magically go away.

My situation was somewhat different as was also on mtx, but pain was present, albeit bearable as I remember when got off prednisone and styed on cosentyx. Plus cosentyx took time to kick in, remember had weekly injections for one month then got on to once a month schedule. I now feel much better, but it is certainly not an immediate effect, more in terms of after months.

There are two things in the area you mention. Your Gallbladder and ileocecal valve. You are the right age etc for gallbladder so that should be elimiated. BUT the ileocecal valve is also known as the “great minicker” as all sorts of issues pop up when its not fully functioning and it is fairl common NOT to with PsA. The list includes:

  • Right shoulder pain

  • Right side pelvic pain

  • Low back pain

  • Pain one ither or both ends of upper bowel (the part thgoe across your gut right below the rib cage

  • Pain surrounding heart

  • Flu symptoms

  • Tinnitus

  • Nausea

  • Syncope / Near syncope

  • Headache

  • Bad breath

  • ace pallor

  • Dark circles under eyes

  • Dizziness

  • Bowel disturbances (diarrhea / constipation)

The good news is it is generally pretty simple to fix with some simple massage of the blame thing. Try this: this: or this:

Starting cosentyx often amplifies ileocecal valve Syndrome. BUT I bet nickle that you can tick off several of those symptoms as being there before the Cosentyx… Yeah Yeah i know the whole massage accupressure thing sounds “new agey” but it works. a PT will do it for you for $100.00 doesn’t hurt to try on you own…

consentyx can cause abdominal pain and, if you have chron’s as well it can cause a flare that often starts with abdominal pain

are you injecting in your stomach? I would think that could be part of the issue, if I recall correctly you can also inject in your thigh

do a search for consentyx and abdominal pain and you’ll get lots of info about how the medication works as well as side effects


@tntlamb First off, did you notice Dr. King somehow resembles governor John Kasich?
And, WOW, that’s amazing! I have 8 or 9 of those symptoms on a very regular basis! Especially the right side pelvic pain, pain in the ends of the upper bowel, pain surrounding my heart, tinnitus and dark circles under my eyes!!!

The technique they demonstrated to relieve the ileocecal valve problem is something I’ve done many times because I often get a sharp pain in that area (I don’t have my appendix anymore) and it feels better when I massage it!!! Not even knowing of the ileocecal valve, just knowing massaging relieves the pain I’m having! My pain feels a lot like the pain I used to get when ovulating (I’m sure some of the girls know what I’m talking about). Of course, I’m way into menopause, so it always seems odd to me when I get the pain because I don’t know what causes it.

Thanks for the info! Oh, and it’s also interesting about the constipation and eating too much fiber. I can’t seem to get enough fiber. If I eat ANY white bread or pasta at all, I get terribly constipated…I NEED tons of fiber to keep myself regular and not in pain for that reason–I can’t get over people who eat an unhealthy diet and don’t have any trouble with their bowels!

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Hhmmmm, this ileocecal valve syndrome is interesting. Eighteen years ago I started to have right sided stomach pain and the very good GP I had then put both his hands on my stomach, manipulated them and asked “is that where you get the pain?” Ouch, yes!!! And he said then it was the ileocecal valve. I can tick several of these symptoms and thinking about it things like the tinnitus did begin around the same time. In fact it was around this time that several things started to go off kilter health wise and ultimately PsA.

The weird abdominal pain seems to be getting better. I had my second Cosentyx injection a week ago. I am still hoping I get a lot better. Tight now, I feel like I am on nothing. I’m struggling to keep working, but I can work from home now when things are bad and I am taking advantage of that about one day a week.

The real test is coming next week. I have to travel to New Orleans for a week for a conference. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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