Cosentyx dosage

Does anyone think it odd that I get given at each rheumy appointment a box w two siringes of 150mg each and I only tale one shot a month?

Wasn’t the loading dose 2 shots on same day? (I don’t recall) If this is the case that’s probably why the doc has 2-packs on hand.

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Correct the loading dose is 300mg/week for 5 weeks although the loading dose is not always prescribed the sample paks supplied to the doc are almost always the 300mg paks (as that’s what they give the Dermies who alway prescribe the oading dose - Rheumies not so much. I would for sure check with the doc to find out what he wants you to d0. if not the loading dose you just got a $20,000.00 gift…

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Ha ha now taking about gifts in connection with psa, that s some association…

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Not for everyone. It’s 150mg at a time for some people, and a loading dose isn’t always given. Definitely check with the doctor if unsure of the prescription.

That’s interesting. Doctors here don’t hand out medication. It’s shipped to a pharmacy or home in the exact dose prescribed.