Cosentyx and loss of appetite

I have noticed since starting Cosentyx that I have lost my appetite. Both yesterday and today, after starting the 300mg dose, I realized I did not eat breakfast until 4pm. Granted, I did get up at noon… I don’t have a upset stomach, or bloating, just no desire to eat, I eventually have to force myself, when I start to get hypoglycemic and shaky, from lack of food. Anyone notice this problem?

my dose is 150, alas, supplemented w weekly metrxt, I experience lack of appetite unless I I have cheese which triggers binges.

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Sadly for me, as I could do with it, I suffer no loss of appetite at all on the 300mg dose. All that happens to me is several nights of good sleep.

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I can eat, just smaller portions, no interest in it. Maybe it is was Cheesecake factory’s Godiva’s Chocolate cheesecake, I would have more enthusiasm? Maybe I will do that experiment? :partying_face:

BTW No improvement with the 300mg dose, I know huh? Of course I will give it more time, blah blah…

On a happier note had skin cancer surgery today, she removed a BCC off my upper back, 38 mm incision, with lots of stitches, so that hurts so bad, everything else feels fine! :joy:.

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I am experiencing loss of appetite with remicade as well as increased acid reflux!

Remember Cosentyx has a long review time, 16 weeks instead of the more usual 12 weeks. And remember it likes to dip for a few months before it cranks up again. My guess is that you should see how you’re doing on it by this time next year. It is such a pity though you didn’t start on the 300mg dose from the get go as you’d be nearly there by now.