NEVER thought I would loose my appetite, but

For about the last 6 weeks, I could care less about eating, nothing smells good, nothing tastes good, no appetite. No nausea, just don't care to eat, there have been days when I just eat a cracker to take my oral meds, and nothing else, a milkshake perhaps.

I surely am not complaining about loosing weight, but don't really care to be sucking on an Ensure the rest of my life either.

Today was my third shot of Enbrel, so that is not the cause, guess this is part of PsA? Anyone else in this boat?

OBTW, don't want any medical Mary Jane either, last damned thing I need is to be perpetually paranoid!!!!


I wish my lack of appetite would translate into weight loss, but it doesn't for me. Ugh. I was anorexic/bulemic as a teen and my husband makes sure I eat properly, but most days I just have no interest in food at all.

The mtx seems to have had an appetitite suppressing effect for me, especially the first few weeks. I was not nauseated or anything, just very tired. I don't know about Enbrel as I am not on it yet. I eat, but not as much. I don't feel as much anticipation closing in on the next meal. I wish it was helpful in weight loss, but so far it hasn't resulted in much. If you are losing more than 10% of your body weight and it concerns you, you need to discuss this with your doctor. Good luck.