"Flare"? and I lose 9-10 lbs. without trying?

Does anyone experience this?

If you are eating the same, and it was over a short period of time, you should get checked for diabetes.

Sometimes the meds make people lose their appetite, and that may be the cause of your weight loss.

Or you may be exhausted and not preparing as much food, or not feel like chewing and so are eating less, resulting in weight loss.

In RA a somewhat rare side effect is a wasting disorder, where people lose weight despite eating and ruling out everything else. Never heard of that for PsA but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist! :)

Unfortunately no. Did you loose your appetite whilst in a flare?

Thanks for the responses. My blood sugar level was normal just a month ago. Just wondering if this is part of a “flare” of more pain.

I lose my appetite during flairs and don't feel like cooking or preparing meals either. And my jaw gets sore sometimes. I do lose weight but after the flare I get more interested in eating and preparing food. If you notice this is you too try some work saving shot cuts like frozen vegetables and easy meals that appeal to you until you are feeling better.

Okay, thanks Michael.

since starting MTX, I've lost 14 lb's. I've been off of it for the last 2 weeks due to an infection and now I notice my appetite is returning.

If you're flaring your body is using some energy to attack itself. Also you might have lost some appetite.

I’ve lost 30. I’ve been uncontrolled and having a lot of pain since October. I have really lost my appetite. Pain and stress can do it to you. I’m not going to complain, it’s one of my few rewards for having PsA!

Oh no, I tend to have the opposite problem. I get so fatigued that I drink a lot of sugary drinks seeking energy. I am too wiped out to cook so I order take out, large portions of unhealthy food. Sleep disruption from pain throws my metabolism and appetite completely out of whack. And, of course, I am totally inactive. I was gaining weight with each flare.

Now that my pain is better managed, I broke the cycle and have finally managed to lose a lot of weight.