Copper bracelets

Has anyone experience of wearing copper bracelets? It was suggested that copper helps with arthritis but from research that I have done, it seems that the positive effects are reported from those selling the bracelets and that other research says that placebos are just as good.

total hocus pocus. save your money.

interesting that you say this i use to wear one when was younger but idk whether it helped or not cause was not as bad as am now but good luck!!

I doubt that unless you sweat a lot you could absorb enough copper to make any difference. But copper deficiency causes a bad sed rate… Red blood cells need copper to properly form. One of my Grandpas formulas in the early part of the 1900’s combined copper and aspirin for arthritis. But itbe RA. Remember PsA is not really arthritis in the traditional sense.

I have a copper bracelet that I wear all the time and even if it is all in my head my hand that has joint damage feels better. Its not something I wear for that reason but it does seem to help.

Well i know from experience that it doesnt work. I weld copper every day. Thats my job. I handle it, have been for years and my Psa is worse now. But i went to my new rheumy yesterday and finally getting back on my meds. I hope this helps.