Chronic Pain Syndrome

Hi everyone! Has anyone had this diagnosis from any of their docs? It showed up in my GP medical record and the definition seems very obtuse.

My mom had this diagnosis as a possibility, unrelated to PsA. My impression is that it is an over sensitization. I’m not sure how useful that designation actually is.

Its one most of us fight very hard to avood or eliminate from our charts if it appears.

I didn’t stop to see what country you were in, but in the US under the HIPPA privacy laws, one is allowed to have access to their health records and to petition for changes to be made. This is something that I highly recommend you do as soon as you can. Chronic pain syndrome is listed in the DSM-V as a psychiatric condition and has nothing to do with PSA. It can affect your treatment options, and can affect what will be covered by your insurance company. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have you work on this to get it removed from your medical records.

that is exactly what I thought! Thank you all for confirming this! I am a pediatric RN, as soon as I saw it in my chart, alarm bells went off. Again this came from my primary doc.