Chaga mushroom tea

I have been drinking chaga tea for two weeks now and I am impressed. My fatigue has disappeared and I have an overall feeling of well-being. Just to make sure it was the Chaga, I stopped the tea for 1 day and my fatigue came back. I drank my tea the following day and no fatigue.

Search the web for Chaga mushroom health benefits and you will find plenty of good reading. This fungi has an amazing range of health benefits and can be beneficial to sufferers of auto-immune disorders.

The only drawback so far is that I don't sleep as soundly. The energy boost lasts for at least 12 hours. So the past two days I cut the amount of tea from 8 oz to 4 oz and also made sure to drink it early in the morning. My sound sleep has returned

This is not like a caffeine buzz, it is a very pleasant energy boost that lasts all day. I could drink coffee all day and it never helped with the fatigue.

I have high blood pressure and high bad triglycerides and I will see if long term use will help.

If anyone decides to try Chaga tea, check with your doctor first. And please post your comments on this forum.

This tea has taken my fatigue out to the woodshed!!!

Wow, that's really interesting. I was going to say "this needs to be filed in complementary therapies", but I see you've already done that! And like you say, check with your doctor first.

Great report! I don't think I've ever heard this mentioned before. Where do you buy it?

Hi Seenie,

I ordered mine from Amazon, twenty some bucks for 1 pound of raw Chaga, plus shipping. It should last me the whole year.