Check your vitamin D level for persistent fatigue

I have had extreme fatigue for years due to PsA. I was finally diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency months ago and started on D supplement. Now I feel normal again - the fatigue is gone. I believe it is the vitamin D that has “cured” my fatigue although I have no proof of this.

I pass this along to anyone else who has fatigue so they can get there vitamin D levels checked and perhaps help reduce their fatigue.

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Whatever the reason, it is just great to hear that your fatigue has gone. I know you’ve battled appalling fatigue for years.

Wonderful news!


Thanks Sybil!

It feels weird to plan social events in advance and not worry about being too fatigued to attend.

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That’s wonderful news! I am so shocked that you’ve never had your vitamin d levels checked before now.

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Wow Frances, that is so wonderful to hear. I imagine in some ways incredibly frustrating that it was apparently such a simple thing none of the docs picked up on, but at least it seems sorted out now. I suppose different docs use different thresholds too - technical deficiency seems much lower than the data would suggest is “healthy”, so I must admit I’ve had a test done with the doc making no comment about it, but when I looked at the print outs I went and bought a high-dose supplement.

Thanks for sharing your success with us :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing. Fatigue has been in part responsible for my over indulgence in coffee, among other things. My last visit to the rheumatologist had him hint at what you are talking about, as he mentioned vit d intake on my part to be as I deemed fit, not limited to once every two weeks, as he had said in the past. My younger sister, also recently diagnosed w our disease, was prescribed daily drops of vit d, and seems to be coping with her many responsabilities taking care of our mother, so her energy may be kept up by vit d indeed. I will try the daily protocol.

Excellent news. Just shows though that we need to be on top of things things. I think many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are Vit D deficient.

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You should get your vitamin D levels checked because it is my understanding the you can take too much D that will cause issues. I hope more vitamin D will help you. Good luck!

Thank you Frances, will do, a lot of hype at the moment for vit d intake for Covid severe issues prevention.