I was just put on Celebrex- how long did it take for you to feel better and how long until the side effects began to show? I take it with tramadol, plaquenil, and prednisone. Does anyone get the shivers every once and a while. I find myself randomly getting a shiver even when it's not cold. Sometimes it's when I get a spurt of pain.

Hi achy

I was put on Celebrex , gratefully, 2 months ago, for pain. I like it. I hope i don't see side affects. My labs are good

I had to get off NSAIDS, because of fatty liver..which has gotten better...i miss the NSAIDS, i was on them 20 yrs, last one was Relafen

Haven't had shivers,, i wish i did it's 99 and humid

good luck!

Thanks- glad it worked for you. How long did it take to feel a difference? I’ve actually been in more pain since I started it and I think my costocondritis may be coming back. Stay cool- in the 90’s here too!

Hi, i had a bit of the costo once, didn't last long, thankfully..But i wonder about a pain gel, there is the prescription Voltaren....ask for samples, it's expensive....Or i use Biofreeze, i like the roll on version of it, some pharmacies have it...

I like the Lidocaine patches for back pain, might work on ur side by ribs..It freezes the area, leave it for maybe 8 hours...but they are expensive, with insurance.

I think about $200 a box, maybe more...my co/pay was $75 for a box of 30..Then thee is Salon Pas, you can get at Walmart, way cheaper, not as strong

might have to tell PCP or rheummy if u think it's costo?

take care