Cataract surgery/scratched cornea

I just had my second cataract removed, and somehow came up with a scratched cornea. He went ahead with the cataract removal, but that scratch is causing me so much pain, much more that the cataract removal and lens implant. Has anyone else had that happen? I have a clue where the scratch came from, but it could be it was hurt again with some of the pre-op drops. The treatment for the corneal scratch is the same for the cataract surgery. I was wondering if anyone had that problem an how long it might take to mend the scratch. The opthamalogist said it would take longer for me, with my medical history an all. It is really getting old and it is only day 2. He looked at it today and said it looks good, but man! I am used to pain but this is really something.

I had a scratched cornea in college after an eye exam at the college's opthalmology school. I remember it hurt so badly that I couldn't read or do any schoolwork for a couple of days -- I had to miss a test. Mercifully, it got better soon after, and I hope yours will, too. The poor grad student was freaked out -- she called me several times.

I had corneal infliltrates in my late twenties--it's like having little tiny perforations or tears across the surface of the cornea and was caused in my case from contact lenses that didn't fully oxygenate my eyes when my allergies were in full swing (specific, huh?). It happened suddenly, too. For me the first time was when I was driving on a sunny day. My eyes just closed tight shut and I could barely peek out through my eyelashes. I had tears rushing down my face and I had to yank out my (non-disposable) lenses right there on the side of the road for any measure of relief. I was grateful to not have crashed my car. Anyhow I remember the pain as debilitating.

I do hope you get relief soon and that your cataract and corneal woes are a distant (and blurry) memory!

Thank you for your responses. At least it confirms that I am not just being a baby about the pain, it was for real. I went back to the eye doctor today and he said that the corneal scratch was trying to heal, but every time I blinked it was like dragging the scab across my eye, which is what it felt like. So he made a bigger wound, cleaned the crap out of the eye and put on a contact bandage, and it feels so much better! I can handle the pain and discomfort of the cataract surgery but that other thing was something else.

It could have happened at the office before the surgery, or something might have just made what was there worse; I did have a contact in that eye and there was a small scratch. Either way, at least it feels better and I hope it's healing. Because of psoriatic arthritis and other stuff my healing should be slow, but really! Thanks again.

The eye doctor made a real wound instead of a scratch, cleaned out the eye and put a contact "band aide" on it and it was like night and day. It made such a huge difference it is unbelievable, and I just might live. Every time I blinked it scraped against the eyelid and it hurt like hell. That was on Thursday and it is healing now!

I am glad you are feeling better, jennyb. PsA folks have enough pain without eye injuries. :)