Carpal tunnel and etc

Have had a lot going on lately, mom in the hospital and dad on his own (90 years young, so checking up on him often), work busy and so on. But did have my nerve conduction study for carpal tunnel -- which I evidently do not have. The neurologist was of the opinion that inflammation in my wrists probably squeezed the nerve and caused pain, but wasn't actually carpal tunnel syndrome -- I'm thinking of it as pseudo-carpal tunnel myself.

Ulnar nerve is evidently more problematic, but other than keeping my arms unbent as often as possible, no other knowledge imparted.

So I guess the wrist problems are mainly arthritis. Which leaves me sort of stuck. Do I ask for x-rays, to see how they're doing? Right at the moment they're fairly quiet. Toes are exceedingly unhappy, but not unbearably so.

More troubling for me, my knees and hips have really begun to gripe me, a lot. I keep waking up in the night with my knees really hurting, and when I walk longer distances my hips just go nuts. None of this is constant, mind you. It's sporadic, but the degree of pain, even the fact of pain in addition to the heat in my joints, that kinda makes me uneasy.

However, I am enjoying my several pairs of fingerless gloves, even if I do get unsolicited commentary on wearing gloves indoors. (It's not cruelly meant, I don't think.) And I have a good situation at work, all that.

And have a cat tonight with a scratched cornea, so off to check on her. G'night.

It sounds like it may be time to reassess your treatment. That’s a lot going on. And a lot of care taking that you need to do. Make sure that you’re also carving out a bit of time to rest and take care of yourself.