Canadian commits hijacking!

So we were talking about Lindseylou’s shoulder and TNTLamb’s upcoming surgery here –
when Easternlady mentioned Buckley’s. Buckley’s!!! So then I got going on other Canadian national “secrets” –

“The rest of the world will be wondering what’s so special about Buckley’s! It’s one of the Canuck mysteries like Nanaimo Bars, Double-doubles, Poutine, Screech, TimBits and Beaver Tails. Shhhhh…don’t give our national secrets away.”

So then Easternlady gets a craving for Beaver Tails. Yes, in the Great White North we eat those. And Lindseylou (good sport that she is, even though as the OP she should be annoyed with us) wants to know what this is all about.

OK, so that thread was hijacked, and even worse, hijacked by a moderator. My bad. Sorry, Lindseylou. The lesson here is, if a thread goes off on a side trip, turn it into a new thread. That way discussions stay organized and the focus stays on the original poster’s interest.

But now that you’ve asked, Lindseylou, Beaver Tails are a chunk of bread dough that is rolled flat, deep fried and topped with your choice of something delicious (sugar and lemon, peanut butter and banana, nutella, mmm mmm mmm). And they are SO good for you. ROFL

I’ll let my compatriots explain the rest of our national secrets (Buckley’s, Nanaimo Bars, Double-doubles, Poutine, Screech, and TimBits) before the CSIS guys come after me. Or Lamb takes my mod badge and hat away. LOL

They sound delicious,and oh so good for you!
I look forward to learning about the other things mentioned :slight_smile:

I'm Canadian...and have never heard, seen or tried Beaver tails!! Must be an Eastern thing? We do have a lot of Beavers in B.C!

I have had Buckley's....have given to my children over the years and I think it traumatized them because they now stick to natural meds (oil of that taste's better..not!) when dealing with colds! Personally, I like has that Vicks effect after taking it...for anyone who has used Vick's Vapor Rub, Buckley's smells and tastes like Vicks!

Living close to Nanaimo...I have had the odd Nanaimo Bar but only around the Christmas holiday.

Poutine, I have never had but have seen many people enjoy and it looks yummy...maybe I will put it on my bucket list to try. Again, it's an Eastern thing...only noticed it showing up on the menus here the past 5, maybe 10 years but my family from the East have talked about it many of times.

I picked up some slang from my older family members during my younger years... Toronto and Toranta are the same place.... I also hardly say eh...but find my self saying hay a lot! Must be the mix of East meets Thanks for sharing Seenie!

Lindseylou, I will take responsibility along with Seenie for hijacking your post and I am sorry. Being a Newfie I am honor bound to tell you what Screech is. Its name is Newfoundland Screech Rum. It is made and bottled in Newfoundland, its a 40% dark rum and is very similar in taste to the old time moonshine. I remember when my siblings and I were kids, our dad used to soak a piece of cloth in Screech and put it on whatever tooth was bothering us. Some of my brothers had a lot of toothaches lol. It is also one of the main items along with a cod fish used in a "Newfoundland Screeching In Ceremony" For your entertainment you can look it up on line, its very interesting and funny. Thank you for starting this thread Seenie, its nice to learn and share about the different cultures of our members

Can we talk Canadian candy? About 16 years ago I had an online Canadian friend send me a gift box that contained an Aero bar. I had never seen or had one before. I fell in love, and soon she was sending me boxes of Aero bars! For those that haven't had the pleasure, an Aero bar is just milk chocolate filled with air bubbles. For some reason it makes it so much better than plain milk chocolate. I fell off my chocolate kick about 10 years ago, but now I wonder what else Canadians are hiding :)

I could eat poutine morning noon and night. With a side of Montreal Smoked meat, what the heck... just put it on the poutine.

I was given Buckley's as a kid, my mom would put some sugar in it.... Mmmmm delicious sweet menthol taste.

I actually like it on it's own, I think it works a lot better than most cough syrups!

I've been watching Flashpoint like a woman possessed and everyone on the show drinks double-doubles. As for Aero bars, I grew up on those in England. The mint one was my favorite!

Of course! Aero bars. Ever had a Coffee Crisp? I believe it is a Canuck secret too. In my book, though, nothing beats a genuine UK-bought Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar … dark, if possible. Heaven.

But what is poutine??

As for Aero bars,I think Canadian & English sweets are similar. I love the orange Aeros. Anyone in Canada had Frys chocolate creams. They were yummy, you used to be able to get multi flavoued ones,haven’t seen them in forever.

Poutine is a French Canadian dish of French fries, cheese curds and gravy.

You can sometimes get with the extra or special toppings.

Best served with a smoked meat sandwich or a few steamies! (Steamed hot dogs) LOL

Here’s my take on UK food that I’ve experienced… Haha
When I was in the UK this summer I LOVED the Bitsa Whispa.
Whispa are very similar to aero but saying Bitsa Whispa was the main reason why I bought them in the first place LOL.

What’s with all the weird crips flavours over there though???
I do like the cheddar ones, but the rest were too weird for me!!
And I couldn’t even drink more than a few sips of IRNBRW in Scotland, but all the other fizzy orange drinks are really tasty!!

And I ate meat pies and sausage rolls pretty much everyday

Poutine doesn’t sound as nice as Aeros!!

Weird flavoured crisps?? No clue what your talking about,prawn cocktail are THE best haha!

LOl see, we really are a fun bunch here. Meg, I’m with you on the weird crisp/chip flavours. Of course we are ones to talk – we have Ketchup and “All Dressed”. Hahaha

I’m surprised nobody’s asked what a TimBit is, or a Nanaimo Bar.

I did want to know what everything was?
What the heck do All Dressed crisps taste like? Mmmmm now you’ve got me thinking about pickled onion crisps & Worcester Sauce crisps!!

Or Robin Eggs!

There was a Tim Hortons in Dublin when we were there, and a few convenience stores offered Timmies coffee!

Yes we do have a few unusual chip/crisp flavours here too!

Lindseylou, a Nanaimo Bar is the most decadent, tooth-achy sweet bar cookie on the planet – chocolate crumb base, creamy filling like a vanilla cream chocolate, topped with a layer of hard chocolate. Absolutely to die for, but one is enough. Sometimes.
A TimBit is the name that Tim Horton’s (our Dunkin’ Donuts) give to donut holes. And did you know, they have NO calories in them! Yippee!

Maybe I could set up a sweet shop and ship UK chocolate bars (and funny flavoured crisps) to our Canadian and US members ....... oh, yes, I sense a new career coming on!!!!!

Well, Lindseylou, it’s complicated. LOL Try this –

Interesting, very interesting:D

What a good idea! But no Marmite or Ovaltine or Irnbru, Jules. The Canadian government has banned the import of those items because they were found to be fortified beyond allowed levels. I am SO grateful that my government is looking out for me. tongue firmly in cheek

Jules said:

Maybe I could set up a sweet shop and ship UK chocolate bars (and funny flavoured crisps) to our Canadian and US members … oh, yes, I sense a new career coming on!!!

You’ve got me on amazon searching for Canadian goodies :slight_smile: